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Conversation Between 40kall and King Ju-Ju
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  1. King Ju-Ju
    11-07-2010 08:00 PM
    King Ju-Ju
    Lol Yeah man u already know, these midgets are in hater mode right about now. 2 bad 4 them we on top.
  2. King Ju-Ju
    11-07-2010 05:46 PM
    King Ju-Ju
    I see you going in on the pochos, these mother ****ers is *****s man. Talking **** like abunch of *****es. Oh and the fact that a Cubano and Boricua are the top dogs at Featherweight kills them even more. ****ing haters. Come June its on my brother. Tell Cubano11 to be easy 2 come June b4 I sick PrBoxingCotto on his ass. Lmao, jk. That dude is a racist just like the Mexicunts.
  3. King Ju-Ju
    11-07-2010 04:53 PM
    King Ju-Ju
    Juanma fought like he was really trying 2 make a point. "I aint losing 2 this Mexican" he knows there's a rivalry. And he made a statemen. People say Juanma has a glass jaw. Are you serious??? Don't ya have 2 get ko atleast 1x for some1 to say u don't have a strong chin. These dudes don't know **** about boxing. *****s aint machines, you get hit by *****s who can punch and u might wobble. They just wanna hate.
  4. King Ju-Ju
    11-07-2010 04:34 PM
    King Ju-Ju
    Man, that fight had me pumped. Juanma wasn't having none of that **** lastnight. He kept pounding his gloves 2gether after he would get hit asking 4 more. He was giving Rafa a beating the last 2 rounds. All these Mexicans on Boxingcene are pissed. They love 2 dish it out but can't take what gets thrown back at them.
  5. King Ju-Ju
    11-06-2010 02:51 PM
    King Ju-Ju
    I always said it was because he was in the lower weight classes. After Featherweight and Bantamweight, its kind of hard for a lot of fans 2 get jacked up about a fight with 2 guys weighing 108 pounds. Boxing was at its best when the Heavyweights was on top. 2 me it doesn't matter, Boxing is Boxing. And Calderon is 1 of the best 2 do it 2 me. Even in the lost 2 Segura, he was Boxing great, just got caught up on the ropes 2 much. If he had a lil more power, he would have been able 2 land some good shots 2 back Segura off of him. I think he comes better prepared 4 the rematch.
  6. King Ju-Ju
    11-06-2010 01:09 AM
    King Ju-Ju
    I put Calderon up there with Mayweather as far as skills go. People think I just say that cuz he's Boricua but the ***** is nasty. Just has no ****ing power. That's what makes him even more nasty 2 me. That he has zero power and still found ways 2 win all of his fights up until Segura.
  7. King Ju-Ju
    11-05-2010 06:21 PM
    King Ju-Ju
    Lol, I don't blame you bro. Gamboa is a tremendous talent. Has more overall athletic ability then 95% of the boxers going 2day. Its gonn be a big fight. HBO better do it right 2. Maybe not a 24/7 but a Countdown is a must. Ill be ready 4 the verbal jabs so don't hold back ok bro. Just know its all good with me. Just watch out 4 some dude named PrBoxingCotto, he be in lala land. Every1 of his post is about how great Pr fighters are and how much everybody elses fighters suck. He's crazy.
  8. 40kall
    11-05-2010 04:03 PM
    Its all good homie... I realy want Juanma to win but I do think he wouldve been way better by now if his handlers wouldve pur better competition since the begining I knoe he aint scared to fight anyone but his promoters do they have invested to much money on him and they dont want to risk it. But hes already in the mix so am expecting him to win this fight so this people make the fight with gamboa. Before that Ill tell u I think his the only boxer I think could beat gamboa. but when they sign the contract to fight am a talk some shyt so get ready lol. take care n god bless u n family bigdaw
  9. King Ju-Ju
    11-05-2010 02:12 AM
    King Ju-Ju
    Juanma almost got caught slippin' in the Mtagwa fight, I doubt he takes Rafa lightly.
  10. King Ju-Ju
    11-05-2010 01:48 AM
    King Ju-Ju
    Check it bro, I have no problems with any1 of any race. Your boy just love coming out his face, talking reckless like his race is superior. I aint with none of that b.s. These Mexicans talk tough thru the keyboard and homeboy wanted 2 do the same so I told him off. And I aint a cop no more, got caught up doing some **** on the side. Im in the construction field right now. And im actually making more money in less time then when I was a cop. That's besides the point, I love Boxing. Love 2 talk Boxing but people turn **** into race wars on Boxingscene. At the end of the day we all Latinos so its love regardless, its just the individual pride that gets in the way. Juanma gonna bang Rafa out 2. Marquez is a G, don't get me wrong but he gonna take a beating Sat Night.

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