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Conversation Between J Dubb II 330 and Ogecca MaMa
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  1. J Dubb II 330
    07-07-2011 04:49 PM
    J Dubb II 330
    Yup, cool peace
  2. Ogecca MaMa
    07-07-2011 11:55 AM
    Ogecca MaMa
    let's stay cool, I think Berto is silly. have nothing against you though. peace
  3. J Dubb II 330
    07-07-2011 11:35 AM
    J Dubb II 330
    Lame dude, lame . I'm a berto fan, what does that have to do with anything
  4. Ogecca MaMa
    07-07-2011 10:21 AM
    Ogecca MaMa
    you should consider deleting your account as well. Andre BErto Mafia?lol
  5. J Dubb II 330
    07-07-2011 03:28 AM
    J Dubb II 330
    I don't care what you won, it means nothing . They are good big men, you proved my point , those guys wouldn't be who they were difference is they had a wider skill set, klitschko brothers are one dimensional with a size adv in a weak heavy division. Their size matters in their wins, with tyson he had head movement and speed, Ali had phenomenal foot work and power, along with their respective power and speed. The brothers have never impressed me, nothing they do is special
  6. Ogecca MaMa
    07-07-2011 03:14 AM
    Ogecca MaMa
    my friend I dont hide about nothing. I didnt see no question, but your silly qurstion. to answer what I know about boxing, Im 2x world muay-thai champion and a bunch more titels and fights to count. There are vids that I posted before. Back to the topic, you still dont make any sense... are you on ****n drugs or what? take off Alis speed and that guy isnt C Clay anymore, same with Tyson's power etc. please...quit with your childish bullsh*t, it doesnt make sense
  7. J Dubb II 330
    07-07-2011 02:44 AM
    J Dubb II 330
    Lol I don't talk boxing, shows how much you know about what I post. Yes if you take away tysons power, how many more would he had lost. I was pointing they use their size advantage and I gave them props, but nothing else they do does not impress me, so I was asking a question that if their size wasn't their main advantage how would they fair, if that's non sense then your an idiot. That goes with any boxer, if you take away their biggest advantage, is there something else that would keep them at a high level. Ali with no speed, tyson no power, if those things were average how good would they be, a simple question. You just have no response or valid argument , if you had that I would respect it, but when you hide behind red k, its lame.
  8. Ogecca MaMa
    07-06-2011 02:01 PM
    Ogecca MaMa
    Disagree with what? you didn't have no statement. Same as saying take off Tyson's ko power, Ali's speed etc. you dont even talk boxing, you talk non-sense.
  9. J Dubb II 330
    07-06-2011 07:11 AM
    J Dubb II 330
    Typical. When you don't agree with someone's opinion so quick to hit the red k. I didn't know people still gave out red k, its like tatle taling it gets you no where but laughed at lol get a life read posts and respond. That's all you need to do.

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