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Conversation Between Rich Lοc and DWiens421
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  1. Rich Lοc
    11-21-2009 04:34 AM
    Rich Lοc
    I was hoping he would get unbanned before the fight, but it clearly didn't happen. We'll suffer together, but if I ever get up to 4 Mill points on this account. I'll pay you.
  2. DWiens421
    11-21-2009 04:31 AM
    Blah... that's still very frustrating...

    I would have been irritated had you cancelled when you got banned before the fight, but... it's frustrating that I won the bet, and am not getting paid.

    Whatever man... go ahead and pay me if your other account gets unbanned, if not, I guess I'll suffer because your account got banned.
  3. Rich Lοc
    11-21-2009 04:28 AM
    Rich Lοc
    But I didn't make the bet with these points or account, so they're not yours.
  4. DWiens421
    11-21-2009 04:25 AM
    Hahahahahaha, I'm a bit drunk now, and I didn't get it at first. I was looking in the post, and I was like... WTF does this mean?

    Alright... well, I can certainly understand that, and see things from your side now. How about this... if 6 months or a long time like that rolls around, and your other account hasn't been banned, and you still have a bunch of points on this account, will you compensate me? I don't like making a winning bet and not getting paid... I have paid off every bet I have ever made, the monent I've gotten online after the fight it happened in.

    I'ts the principle more than aything, you know... I like you, pretty much always have, especially since we have a similar affinity for Hayden's sexy ass... I don't want any bad feelings between us.
  5. Rich Lοc
    11-21-2009 04:21 AM
    Rich Lοc
    He never forgot about that gift because it showed he was a man of his word. The only gift that truly meant anything to him.

    Four Gift, the grapes, is from you, read the message.
  6. DWiens421
    11-21-2009 04:17 AM
    I don't remember that... not saying it didn't happen, I've been on a here a long time, so I don't remember everything that's happened.

    I guess we can both just hope that the screen name gets unbanned...
  7. Rich Lοc
    11-21-2009 04:15 AM
    Rich Lοc
    He was wrongly banned, mate.

    Remember he paid you that one time, you even gave him a gift for it.
  8. DWiens421
    11-21-2009 04:14 AM
    With people you bet with in the future... you may want to make that clear before the fight you are betting on is over... just a suggestion.
  9. Rich Lοc
    11-21-2009 04:08 AM
    Rich Lοc
    If Cotto had won, I wouldn't have asked you for the points with this account while having less than 1 point to my name.

    Let's leave it at that.
  10. DWiens421
    11-21-2009 04:06 AM
    It's just frustrating that you are punishing me because you got your account banned. I didn't get "Professional" banned, and the user behind Professional is still here. If you believe Professional will get unbanned at some point, you can transfer the points back over, and if not, then it's kind of lame that I bet with an account that was banned and have no way of getting the points that I should get for picking the right guy when we discussed terms for the bet.

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