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Conversation Between IronDanHamza and ▀ringer
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  1. ▀ringer
  2. ▀ringer
  3. ▀ringer
  4. ▀ringer
    09-27-2012 08:57 PM
    The Wii was such a major disappointment to me.

    Nothing wrong with a solid hack and slash affair, I'm a big fan of stuff like 'Devil May Cry', 'Ninja Gaiden', and the like, so I'll definitely pick it up the next time I run across it.
  5. IronDanHamza
    09-27-2012 08:53 PM
    I like it, yeah. I'd recommend you to grab it. It must be really cheap now.

    It's abit of your typical hack and slash style game, if you get what I mean. And it's a little weird, those Japanese guys like that weird stuff But, it is a very good game in my opinion. I'd say definitely give it a try anyway. I hear they are brining out a second one but exclusive to Wii so it most likely won't be great.
  6. ▀ringer
    09-27-2012 08:47 PM
    I actually missed the boat on 'Bayonetta' but was considering picking it up recently, but went with 'Borderlands' instead. Are you vouching for it?

    I'm the same way with games nowadays - I usually wait a while for the hype and price to come down then I'll bite the bullet and buy it. I save a sh*tload of money that way buying mint condition games from ebay and amazon months after their release, and I lose no entertainmnt value because I'm constantly playing catch up on older titles I intentionally missed out on.
  7. IronDanHamza
    09-27-2012 08:42 PM
    I've played the first one. Just not the second one yet.

    I'll get it when I can. I haven't even brought Soul Calibur 5 or Tekken Tag 2 yet and they are both games I usually get as soon as they're out.

    I definitely will get it though. I always get them in the end just usually takes me a while. Back in the day I couldn't even fathom not getting games as soon as they come out

    What did you think of Bayonetta?
  8. ▀ringer
    09-27-2012 08:36 PM
    I'm also a HUGE fan of the 'Metal Gear' series. That series is always one of my "go to" series when it comes to the debate of whether or not video games should be considered art. I don't consider all video games to be art, but a select few like the MGS series, Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, select Zelda titles, and a few others I do consider works of art.

    Kojima is a masterful storyteller and Konami is one of my favorite companies.

    You need to cop 'Borderlands' whenever you get spare time, the first one is pretty cheap now and you'll definitely get your money out of it. If you like shooters and RPGs you'll be right at home in level grinding, headshot getting heaven.
  9. IronDanHamza
    09-27-2012 08:29 PM
    Used to be a big time gamer when I was a lot younger, the year you were born I was in my prime. Played a lot more in the 90's than I do now also.

    I'm one of those people who just hasn't outgrown it. But I don't get much time these days. Work's hectic most of the year so it's difficult. Can't wait to retire and then I'll have more time

    I still have all my consoles, everything you named I still have. Plus my PS1, PS3 and Megadrive etc I even have my Atari Most of those just gathering dust now though. I still occasionally put in a PS1 game into my PS3 if I'm bored and feel like re-living MGS1 or Abe's Oddesy or something

    I can't stand the Fight Night series. Haven't really enjoyed them since the KO Kings games. I hate the fact they try and base the game around "realism" yet is so so far from being a realistic sim. I can't handle it.

    Dark Souls and Skyrim both awesome games. Haven't had chance to play Borderlands yet but I hear that's quite good too.
  10. ▀ringer
    09-27-2012 08:17 PM
    My first 360 fried over 2 years ago, and I waited until the slim one came out to jump back onboard since they fixed the RROD issue. In that time I missed out on a sh*tload of great games that are cheap as hell now, so I'm playing catch up.

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