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Conversation Between El 7 Mares V.2 and #1Assassin
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  1. #1Assassin
    08-10-2010 03:46 PM
    YOU watch boxing to see men beat eachother up. i watch boxing to watch "fancy footwork", defensive moves etc. so does alot of other ppl, any real fan can atleast appreciate it. your opinion isnt automaticly the entire worlds opinion u know. at the end of the day boxers fight to win, if that means box and not get hit thats what they gotta do. boxing is the greatest sport in the world bcuz it has both aspects, the violent part and the pure hit and not get hit part. without both boxing wouldnt be boxing and u should appreciate all styles since they contribute to making the sport so interesting. i wouldnt be a fan of boxing if all fights were in a phone booth sized ring and it just came down to who can bash the other guys skull in quicker, thats not what boxing is about and if u think it is u dont know ****.
  2. El 7 Mares V.2
    08-10-2010 09:28 AM
    El 7 Mares V.2
    Don't talk to me about boxing, I know the sport and I know skills when I see them, being defensive is part of the sport but unfortunately that style doesn't draw fans, all in all boxing is a brutal sport and fans want to be entertained and we watch to see men fight and beat themselves up, not to wow us with fancy footwork and holding all night to get a UD, we expect to see action, otherwise we go and watch another sport where no punching is required. So get the **** out of my back you dumb cunt.
  3. #1Assassin
    08-10-2010 07:27 AM
    no i red k'd u cuz u r a fake boxing fan who cant tell the diffrence between lateral movement and running. u dont know **** so u poison the forums with your ignorance and dissrespect of hard working talented fighters just cuz they are too smart to slug it out like bums every fight. if u want guys going at it toe to toe every fight and cant appreciate boxing skills go to a **** fight or find a undercover street fighting organization. this is boxing, the art of hitting without getting hit, like it or love it. btw your red k didnt hit

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