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Conversation Between AnimalisticMeth and Mr. Fantastic
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  1. Mr. Fantastic
    05-20-2013 01:50 AM
    Mr. Fantastic
    ????? Wtf you talking about moron?
  2. Mr. Fantastic
    11-27-2012 12:53 AM
    Mr. Fantastic
    I SAID a FIGHT WITH DURAN IN IT. It's totally impossible considering the difference between the two. SMH!! You really ain't understanding the logic ain't ya?
  3. AnimalisticMeth
    11-27-2012 12:50 AM
    I am not going to argue on why I put him at #5 on my list but all you have to do is look at resumes and is the end of the story. I was not comparing him to Duran and you know it but you aint the brightest bulb in the ceiling so my bad for expecting a little out of you.
  4. Mr. Fantastic
    11-27-2012 12:44 AM
    Mr. Fantastic
    Nice try tard but I could care less if Margarito lost. You don't see me hyping Margarito up to be some great boxer ala Chavez Sr. like you guys. Seriously Cotto over someone like Camacho? Even worse comparing a fight with Duran in it. Moron!
  5. AnimalisticMeth
    11-27-2012 12:36 AM
    Dude, you need to take your pills. seriously I am scared for you ever since Cotto whopped your boy you seem to have lost it.
  6. Mr. Fantastic
    11-26-2012 11:39 PM
    Mr. Fantastic
    For the millionth ****ing time you idiots need to realize I don't really hate Cotto. I hate FANATICS.....EX: YOU & the rest of your Cottard buddies along with *****s/Mextards/*******s/Cinitards/etc.
  7. AnimalisticMeth
    11-26-2012 11:30 PM
    You even bring other posters to hate on Cotto here?
  8. Mr. Fantastic
    05-06-2012 06:12 PM
    Mr. Fantastic
    8-4 why you ask?
  9. AnimalisticMeth
    05-06-2012 02:46 PM
    How did u scored Cotto-Mayweather?
  10. Mr. Fantastic
    12-05-2011 09:38 PM
    Mr. Fantastic
    Keep telling yourself that. After their first fight a week later Cotto was already partying with his face looking normal. But anyways I gave my grats to Cotto for this fight. If he fights ****** ass Mayweather I'll be going for Cotto to beat him. Same with fraud Chavez Jr.

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