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Conversation Between Datu Puti and mikenorfcutt7
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  1. Datu Puti
    10-04-2009 12:43 AM
    Datu Puti
    No doubt that MARQUEZ is the more fundamentally sound boxer, but unlike your opinion of 10-6 round, never happened, if I recall right that one judge gave the first round 10-7. Second of all, the clash of heads and the cuts, made it look as MARQUEZ'S punch was doing damage, specially in the second fight. Some of the punches that Marquez threw hit PACQUIAO's gloves, the crowd and PACQUIAO's movement looks like he got tagged, but hit his gloves. Not taking anything from MARQUEZ, and thats why I think that he deserve a third fight with PACQUIAO, and I hope that PACQUIAO doesn't get too tentative and just pressure MARQUEZ more in the inside and not leave it to the judge to make the decision. With that said, I've seen way more controversial decision, than the decision that PACQUIAO got against MARQUEZ.
  2. mikenorfcutt7
    10-02-2009 11:43 AM
    Check this out... I credit pac man with 2 legit knock downs in both fights. The rest were flash punches that caught marquez of balance. And anytime a fightr comes back to score a draw after being knocked down 4 times and losing the first round 10-6 you cant deny he was not only the better fighter but also the winner. Losing a round 10-6 is like being down on the scorecard by four rounds... Pacquio was only given 3 rounds by 1 judge and 2 rounds by another judge who scored it even and marquez was given 10 rounds by one judge... Now you do the math.. If your beaten 10 rounds to 2 thats a blowout right?? only the four knockdowns kept pac man in the fight... Granted he was knocked down 3 times he was never seriously hurt, however manny was being battered all around the ring by marquez and the same result in the second fight only mannny managd to win a few more rounds the 2nd fight but marquez still won more rounds and landed more punches which were more effective.
  3. Datu Puti
    04-26-2009 02:12 AM
    Datu Puti
    FIRST OF ALL YEAH BARRERA AND MORALES was past their prime or over the hill because PACMAN showed them. After PACMAN beat their asses, they were **** up in the head mentally, look at their fights after Manny. Now as far as Marquez, how can you say MARQUEZ won when he got knockdown four times, would have been five times if the rope didn't hold his ass up and not enought time in round 3 of the second fight. The fight was close, some of the punches that Marquez threw hit Pacquiao's gloves bottomline is it was a close fight. Believe me the next time Pacquiao and Marquez meets, PACMAN will not leave it up to the judges you can bet on that..

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