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Conversation Between SlickRikki and JM1
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  1. JM1
    12-19-2010 09:10 PM
    hey sup bro?
  2. JM1
    04-17-2010 12:59 PM

    thats a funny story flex

    i have a officemate who had a similar experience, he saw this big boob "chic" who happens to be one of our training mates, he was telling how he wanted to fuk the "chic" (i already noticed that the "chic" is a gay lol) and i let him talk about it. by the time our names are being called, the chic stood up when the called name was "carmelo antonio" i cant stop laughing, ill remember that incident for the rest of my life

    yeah ill watch the fight later bro, it will be aired in the PI. i didnt make any bets, cause i really cant pick a winner. im not convinced with kelly's last performance and im not yet sold to martinez. it would be a great fight for us fight fans
  3. SlickRikki
    04-17-2010 12:23 PM
    lol yes it has : ). Everything on my ends going well,I've just been a little bit busy.The other day I went to the grocery store and one of the workers there was turned around stocking meat etc.This person has long blonde hair and is realy skinny,anyways I go up to where the employee is and say Excuse me Mam,The person turns around and is a Dude yuccccck.I felt horrible JM1(In my head I kept saying well he should have cut his hair it was realy long lol)

    How have you been? I hope you're dong well,Are you going 2 watch Pavlik/Martinez today?

    Hit me up when you have time

    JM1> Boxingscene
  4. JM1
    04-10-2010 08:13 AM
    sup brother? its been a good while since we had a little chat
  5. JM1
    01-03-2010 06:15 AM
    just doing fine bro. yeah, ive noticed you were not going online for quite sometime. belated happy holidays bro
  6. SlickRikki
    01-02-2010 09:07 PM
    sorry for the late reply JM1,I just got my laptop back today. After about 2 weeks without it lol

    How have you been?
  7. JM1
    12-20-2009 11:44 PM
    zup flex? how youve been doing lately?
  8. JM1
    11-30-2009 09:41 PM
    ill wait for your invitation bro. thank you so much
  9. SlickRikki
    11-30-2009 05:40 PM
    Right now it's 1:36PM,last night I went out around 8:15Pm so it wasn't that late lol.It has to be around 5:37Am in the PI so good morning JM1 and have a good day man.

    I will add you soon,I have to fix up my FB account
  10. JM1
    11-30-2009 12:22 AM
    why are you staying up late man? i live in the PI, its 12pm here. just had my lunch

    if you have facebook, kindly add me

    im sure youll enjoy my page cause i post a lot of boxing there

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