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Conversation Between KING 2K10 and The RealDeal
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  1. The RealDeal
    09-11-2009 04:21 PM
    The RealDeal
    Just checking to see if your still around bud ?
  2. The RealDeal
    05-17-2009 04:10 PM
    The RealDeal
    I know bud, its gone too far.

    Why do you think I'm trying to rip them all a new arse hole ?

    I'm only one man but, The Clash is offline and no one esle seems to be helping me send these ESB retards back to hell.
  3. KING 2K10
    05-17-2009 04:06 PM
    KING 2K10
    Wow!! TPS has taken a drastic turn..I know you probably see me making fun of charlie a little bit, but in a fun way with picture pwns and humorous threads...These other guys are sending death threats, talking about raping moms and calling each other on the phone..Not a place for a good laugh anymore.
  4. The RealDeal
    05-08-2009 11:12 AM
    The RealDeal
    Good to see your back online. I've been busy myself lately so I don't get much time on here anymore.

    Keep it real King.
  5. KING 2K10
    05-07-2009 08:24 PM
    KING 2K10
    Hey what's up Real..Yea i been good man..Just got back from a little vacation out of town..Just dealing with this idiot steelhead now..He's crying and making threads about me because I was a little late paying his bet..He don't seem to understand I wasn't even online for 2 weeks..
  6. The RealDeal
    05-02-2009 09:28 PM
    The RealDeal
    Hey King what you been up to ?

    You haven't been around much lately, I hope all is good.
  7. The RealDeal
    04-17-2009 06:40 PM
    The RealDeal
    King, thanks for your message bro its going well but its hard hard work.

    I'm missing the laughs on here but the hours I do in this job means I can't be on here as much as I use too.

    I'll still be around though bud !

    Take it easy.
  8. KING 2K10
    04-17-2009 07:31 AM
    KING 2K10
    Real..I dont see you on much anymore bro..Hope the new job is going well.
  9. The RealDeal
    04-08-2009 01:15 PM
    The RealDeal
    Hey man thanks for the message, glad you enjoyed my Scottish humour as many others don't !
  10. KING 2K10
    04-08-2009 11:25 AM
    KING 2K10
    You were funny as hell on that radio show..You got a good sence of humor..Like a scotish ricky hatton or

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