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Conversation Between LilGizmo562 and pinkivory
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  1. pinkivory
    08-30-2010 09:35 PM
    The sport is for entertainment, I love Mexican fighters like Barrera, Morales and JMM. I have never had any beef with Mexicans or Mexican fighters, but when a boxer tries to cheat and administer damage to another fighter that is earning a living, I do not condone such behavior regardless wether is a PR fighter. Mexicans should not condone such behavior since it makes the true heroes of Mexico look bad, just my oppinion.
  2. LilGizmo562
    08-30-2010 09:28 PM
    I guess I should have reworded my post and asked whats your opinion on Resto, I was just letting you know, because the way you wrote that post, it seemed like you were attacking Mexico because of Margarito and well Resto is Boricua and he was caught WITH Plaster and removed paddings, but like you said, he too is a piece of ****, why people support Tony, no clue, they are right, we have no prove, but still, they can't deny, that his career is in question now.
  3. pinkivory
    08-30-2010 09:12 PM
    Luis Resto was a bigger piece of ****. Just bc someone is from your country, you don't applaud cheating. That is the biggest sin in boxing and real boxing fans should not applaud that kind of behavior. I could care less about Resto, and if he was still fighting, I will never pay to see any of his fights.
  4. LilGizmo562
    08-30-2010 09:04 PM
    BTW, not a personal attack or Margo fan, don't really give a **** about him, just letting you know, you kinda walked into that one.
  5. LilGizmo562
    08-30-2010 09:03 PM
    Mexicans can talk all they want, but there is no bigger embarrassment than the one getting caught with plaster and be known as a cheater. Let the PR quit, if they can't fight no more, they don't need to put themselves in danger. So stop trying to make Calderon's lost bigger than what it is. I rather see my fighter quit, than have plaster in his hands and look like a cheater. At least he gave everything he had without trying to cheat. What do you have? What do you think other boxers from other countries will remember more, that Calderon took a knee bc he couldn't fight no more, or Marg had plaster on his wraps and is a cheater. We will see next week if they remember Calderon or Marg.

    Luis Resto.....just saying

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