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Conversation Between fightfan2007 and Truth
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  1. Truth
    10-30-2008 05:40 PM
    Hey bro. thanks for being a respectful poster.

    Theres no definite answer to the Jones-steroids thing. All I can tell you is this, he only legitimately tested positive one time. People try to make lies up about other positive tests, with fake articles that don't even have links. But the only time he on record tested positive was against Richard Hall. The anabolic steroid/banned substance he tested positive for was andro. andro wasn't banned until 2004, meaning you could buy it over the counter at gnc. roy said he took ripped fuel. there was a kind of ripped fuel that contained andro, called ripped fuel andro stack. it was even listed in a write up as something that could make you test positive for anabolic steroids. I can show you think links if you want to vertify what i'm saying.

    The BALCO is unreal in my opinion. if roy was ever really connected balco, we would heard about like we did with Shane Mosley and Evander Holyfield. Theres real proof that he was ever linked to balco. I think the rumor got started because of decline around the time that balco went down. but lets remember he was also 34-35 years old and he waited till the last minute to lose 25 lbs. of muscle for the first tarver fight. Also consider Tarver was a step up in comp from what roy had been fighting over the years. By the way Mackie Shilstone aided roy in puting that muscle on. Hes known as expert in doing that. so really theres one time where roy had a problem with steroids. if you want to tarnish/take away an entire career off one positive test, thats up to you. I don't think Roy Jones Jr. is a career long steroid cheat personally. I don't think theres enough evidence to prove such a thing. Maybe one positive test is enough for you to consider him a cheat, for me it is not. And lets remember hall was also tested positive in the same fight, and 11 times over.

    Alot of it is speculation, my advice would be to believe what you want to. Why would Roy Jones, who doesn't even want to drink or smoke because he scared that it would hurt his body and mind, take steroids? Doesn't sound like Roy at all. I heard Alton Merkerson say Roy doesn't even like taking sinus medication. Merkerson said he has to force Roy to take it. Joe Goossen said Roy is clean, thats hes never used steroids.. It was an article I read one time.

    Believe what you want. thats my advice. peace bro.

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