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Conversation Between Smokin'J and The Jackal
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  1. The Jackal
    11-04-2008 01:21 PM
    The Jackal
    How do you see RJJ V Calzaghe going?
  2. Smokin'J
    10-18-2008 05:55 PM
    Yeah I posted it somewhere in the forums.
    Man, how long you been into boxing, you got alotta knowledge. :P
  3. The Jackal
    10-18-2008 07:46 AM
    The Jackal
    I know he was fighting blind in one eye then ali cut him in Manila & he fighting on instint very highly couldn't say where in the heavys maybe top 20 or he might make top 10 many great heavys there but one thing Frazier didn was drop Ali & beat him well & im sure everytime Ali is mentioned the Frazier fights will always come up the guy gave so much away to Ali & yet was prepared to die had he not had to force the fight in Manila & for the cut he have won in my eyes he won anyway because he wasn't the gorilla it was Ali as i read Frazier got his revenge for all the insults as hard as it sound but thats the ruthless nature of the sport if your going to insult someone who helped get your boxing lience back & his family get death treats you better be prepaped to die because i have know douth Frazier would die everytime he got in the ring.

    everytime you knock him down you only made him mader.
    George Foreman on Joe Frazier.

    PS I have Ali v Norton 1-2&3 but no docs i have Frazier in 2 at least but i bet you have seen 1 at least Closest thing to Death & 1 of the first fight with Ali.

    Got to be honest though never uploaded before when i got a pc i only knew how to plug it in will get 1 of my friends to upload for you if you like tell some other stuff i might have they showed great docs & fights years ago but not know.
  4. Smokin'J
    10-18-2008 01:12 AM
    I meant Ken Norton.
  5. Smokin'J
    10-18-2008 01:08 AM
    Could you get them uploaded man??

    By the way, where would you put Frazier and maybe you didn't know that guy was blind with one eye(not much people know of it), imagine if both eyes worked, wouldv'e change the history of boxing in my opinion.
    My rank was exactly the same but then I noticed;

    Ali couldn't take a jab,
    watch Ali - uhm forgot his name, the one who had the same trainer as Frazier.
  6. The Jackal
    10-17-2008 08:40 AM
    The Jackal
    hows things man i got some stuff of frazier & marcinao.

    by the i gave out 5 heavyweigts i ithought were the top 5 i take it you didn't agree or who ever wanted to know?

    tell me are boxing if so are you open class?

    ps avartar is cool
  7. Smokin'J
    10-16-2008 08:20 AM
    Hahaha thanks bro, very good details
  8. The Jackal
    10-15-2008 07:00 PM
    The Jackal
    ali-no.1 because he had speed a great jab could roll with punches easy basicily he could do everything box on the back foot brill.

    joe louis - no.2 because he a great jab to set up combo's & his combo's were brill 6 OR 7 punch combo's.everything comes from a jab + combo's

    mike tyson -no. 4 he could box off a jab & set up devastating combo's & will to win second to none + hisrelentless pursuit of a fighter.

    rocky marciano - no.4 he just simply would not let you rest for a moment & had huge power relentless in his will to win.

    jack johnson - no.5 for the complete boxer because his defencive work was brill he was way a bove the class he was fighting.

    no.2joe louis
    no.3mike tyson
    no.4rocky marciano
    no.5jack johnson
  9. The Jackal
    10-14-2008 10:21 AM
    The Jackal
    hi man id like to see you & your bro sparring ?
    if you spar as good as your avatar you must be good.

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