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Floyd Money Mayweather is he that good?? Why I left the Mafia...By Lefty

Posted 06-17-2009 at 03:00 PM by LEFTYGUNZZ
He took on Corley, Bruseles and then Gatti at 140 lbs for titles. he moved to 147 to fight Shamba Mitchell, Judah and Baldomir for the title. The cash cow came calling and he answered the bell and fought Oscar at 154lbs won a title there. Went back down to 147 to meet Hatton for another big pay day. All along people were calling for him to face legitimate 147lbs like Cotto, Margarito, Clottey, Williams and Mosley. I understood business is business and if made sense to bring in those dollars.

Now whether it be due to negotiations his hands the WWE giving him millions to sign a contract with them he retired. Personally I think it had to do with the amount of money he made and the fact his hands were hurting him. he took a breather announced his retirement from the sport. I hold no grudges for that every man is entitled to call it quits when he feels he has no desire to continue. in our sport when you lose the desire to fight you often get hurt inside the ring.

Fast forward to 2008 Floyd is in trouble with the IRS. His real estate investments have gone sour. he is robbed for over 7 mil in jewels. it seems the so called king might be prime for a comeback. Is it $$$ motivated fans and critics ask come fellas with Money Mayweather it is always about the money. So it is rumored he is in the gym training again and might be coming out of retirement to take on the TOP P4P fighters and earn himself a few nice paydays. Allow him to settle up with Uncle Sam and make a few margin calls bail out some real estate debts and so forth.

I can't hate on him if you need to work then you need to work right? Bring on Floyd lets get him tuned up against a fighter and then throw him back in the fire with Cotto or Mosley....Heck lets see him get in their in a rematch with Hatton if he wants it......Manny is ripping through everyone I want to see who is the P4P King once and for all. bring it on i was thinking to myself. So here it comes May 2nd Pac vs Hatton everyone has been drooling over thr fight now for a few months and boom the announcement. the King is back!!! Floyd is coming out of retirement to fight JMM because sometimes you get what you wish for.

Now I am thinking to myself I was hoping to see Floyd come back and fight I know JMM is no slouch but what happened to Cotto, Clottey, Mosley heck even get in there with Berto or Collazo for that matter. Ok so I swallowed that pill and accepted it I said to myself JMM is no slouch you can never measure the size of someones heart and JMM is a true warrior. Floyd is coming of a 18 month layoff and this will be a decent fight. Guess what?

Boom Cotto defeats Clottey it seems tickets sales are down for Floyd and apparently there is an injury to Floyd ribs. What now possibly no fight on July 18th. I see some interviews past and present I watch a few old tapes of fights and honestly I am completely turned off by this hoodwink of a crook. I can't help it fellas I know the man has talent but he irritates me to the core. he talks out the left side of his mouth and sits on his brains. he tells so many lies and has so many excuses for not fighting this guy and not fighting that guy it is awful.

he tells so many lies he forget what he said. i can't see how anyone would like someone who claims to be the best but is so reluctant to prove it. Tossing money at the camera's and into crowds come on. Like I said before if Floyd took on 3 top WW on his supposed hit list and Manny and went 2-2 in those fights but fought and gave us what we wanted I would remember those wars and think 41-2 all the titles and he fought this guy that guy and this guy I would look back and remember that instead of remembering the fights we didn't get.....Lefty
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  1. Old
    sangresabia's Avatar
    If he fought 2 guys on that "hit list" within the next 2 years (very possible) I would be shocked.
    Posted 06-17-2009 at 03:09 PM by sangresabia sangresabia is offline
  2. Old
    nujabes77's Avatar
    the guy needs to stop talking and with the shenanigans

    we want boxing not drama... i dont blame you for feeling this way bro
    Posted 07-04-2009 at 12:55 AM by nujabes77 nujabes77 is offline
  3. Old
    i get tired of "boxing fans" saying pbf should fight this guy or that guy. shane mosley REFUSED to fight pbf TWICE! bertos people would not even consider a fight with pbf.also u cant blame a guy for wanting to get paid whats fair market value for risking his health. no fighter fights for pennies.pbf challenged dlh 5 years ago when dlh was in his prime.dlh refused.he was never called out for that.i lost respect for shane.after running from pbf he jumps into the ring acting like he really wants to get beat down. after pbf deals with pac man he should deal with ssm
    Posted 12-14-2009 at 07:24 PM by mrjoeblive mrjoeblive is offline

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