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'Sugar' Freddi's Past Bets - Page 2

Posted 05-12-2010 at 05:32 PM by 'Sugar' Freddi
Updated 11-29-2010 at 09:22 PM by 'Sugar' Freddi

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Michael Katsidis
My 1 million on Marquez to Alec900's 500K on Katsidis.
My 40K on Marquez to PainKiller's 20K on Katsidis. -Paid.

Lyoto Machida vs. "Rampage" Jackson
5 million on Machida with Mickey Gomez. -Paid.

Matt Hughes vs. BJ Penn
5 million on Hughes with ianntheman. -Paid.

Paul Williams vs. Sergio Martinez
2 million on Williams with iBreakbeat. -Paid.
500K on Williams with MAЯA. -Paid.
250K on Williams with kyshenko team. -Paid.
10 million on Williams with Blooper. -Paid.
2 million on Williams with Oasis_Lad. -Paid.
100K on Williams with Sir TomJones. -Paid.
1 million on Williams with Casual. -Paid.
10 million on Williams with CrackYourJaw. -Paid.
15 million on Williams with GT-R. -Paid.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito
My 45 million on Pacquiao to Scott9945's 10 million on Margarito. -Paid.
My 225K on Pacquiao to Mannie Phresh's 50K on Margarito. -Paid.
My 25 million on Pacquiao to Mickey Maguire's 5 million on Margarito. -Paid.
My 100 million on Pacquiao to `STEELHEAD's 20 million on Margarito. -Paid.

Audley Harrison vs. David Haye.
My 1 million on Harrison to FULLMELT's 8 million on Haye. -Paid.
My 1 million on Harrison to medium-deek's 8 million on Haye. -Paid.
My 200K on Harrison to Lacrimosa's 2 million on Haye. -Paid.

Zab Judah vs. Lucas Martin Matthysse
My 2 million on Judah to Lacrimosa's 1 million on Matthysse. -Paid.

Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Rafael Marquez
My 150K on Lopez to Cleto_Reyes' 70K on Marquez. -Paid.
My 20 million on Lopez to miron_lang's 10 million on Marquez. -Paid.
5 million on Lopez with On Fire Maguire. -Paid.
My 1 million on Lopez to -EAGLE-'s 500K on Marquez. -Paid.

Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez
My 750K on Velasquez to TheKza's 500K on Lesnar. -Paid.
My 20 million on Velasquez to ianntheman's 30 million on Lesnar. -Paid.

Michael Bisping vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama
2 million on Akyama with Ether. -Paid.

Dan Hardy vs. Carlos Condit
1 million on Hardy with Natedatpkid. -Paid.

Antonio Escalante vs. Daniel Ponce de Leon.
50K on Ponce de Leon with DWiens421. -Paid.
4 million on De le Leon with`STEELHEAD. -Paid.

Carlos Baldomir vs. Saul Alvarez.
My 300K on Alvarez to kenso's 100K on Baldomir. -Paid.
My 90K on Alvarez to S******'s 30K on Baldomir. -Paid.
My 2.5 million on Alvarez stopping Baldomir to BOLLOCKS' 5 million. -Paid.
100K on Alvarez stopping Baldomir with Tim Horton. -Paid.
My 50 million on Alvarez to peyk-peyk's 10 million on Baldomir. -Paid.

Erik Morales vs. Willie Limond
My 1.5 million on Morales to Walt Liquor's 500K on Limond. -Paid.

Wladimir Klitschko vs. Samuel Peter
My 33 million on Klitschko to Disposable Arts' 3 million on Peter. -Paid.

BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar
My 800K on Penn to Reem's 400K on Edgar. -Paid.
My 2 million on Penn to Gorilla Dogs' 1 million on Edgar. -Paid.

Randy Couture vs. James Toney
My 1 million on Toney to reedickyaluss' 3 million on Couture. -Paid.

Tomasz Adamek vs. Michael Grant
My 1.05 mmillion on Adamek to Gorilla Dogs' 150K on Grant. -Paid.
My 2 million on Adamek to Mickey Maguire's 200K on Grant. -Paid.
My 70K on Adamek to BEEHOP's 10K on Grant. -Paid.
My 24K on Adamek to Medved's 3.4K on Grant. -Paid.

Jean Pascal vs. Chad Dawson.
My 2 million on Dawson to Freedom Fighter's 1 million on Pascal. -Paid.
My 17.5 million on Dawson to Disposable Arts' 7.5 million on Pascal. -Paid.
180K on Dawson with PureBoxingCEO. -Paid.
My 5 million on Dawson to Mickey Maguire's 2 million on Pascal. -Paid.

Glen Johnson vs. Tavoris Cloud
2 million on Cloud with Disposable Arts. -Paid.

Junior dos Santos vs. Roy Nelson
My 3 million on Santos to ianntheman's 1 million on Nelson. -Paid.

Devon Alexander vs. Andreas Kotelnik
My 9 million on Alexander to `STEELHEAD's 1 million on Kotelnik. -Paid.
My 4.5 million on Alexander to Reggie Miller's 500K on Kotelnik. -Paid.
My 9 million on Alexander to jazluvr's 1 million on Kotelnik. -Paid.
My 4.5 million on Alexander to project xxx1's 500K on Kotelnik. -Paid.
My 18 million on Alexander to FasTHarD's 2 million on Kotelnik. -Paid.

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz
My 6 million on Marquez to Vegan101's 3 million on Diaz. -Paid.
My 25 million on Marquez to FasTHarD's 10 million on Diaz. -Paid.

Timothy Bradley vs. Luis Carlos Abregu
My 30 million on Bradley to Clegg's 3 million on Abregu. -Paid.

Spain vs. Netherlands
10 million on Spain with Underboss. -Paid.

Saul Alvarez vs. Luciano Leonel Cuello
My 30 million on Alvarez to `STEELHEAD's 1 million on Cuello. -Paid.

Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Bernabe Concepcion
My 7 million on Lopez to Talisayen's 3.5 million on Concepcion. -Paid.
My 15 million on Lopez to ianntheman's 3 million on Concepcion. -Paid.
My 5 million on Lopez to Titing Kabayo's 1 million on Concepcion. -Paid.

Spain vs. Germany
1 million on Spain with PinoyZoi. -Paid.

Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin
My 2 million on Carwin to Rorschach™'s 4 million on Lesnar. -Paid.

Germany vs. Argentina
100K on Argentina with c l e a n e r. -Paid.

Spain vs. Paraguay
My 5.4 million on Spain to pacman777's 900K on Paraguay. -Paid.

Julo Cesar Chavez Jr vs. John Duddy
100K on Duddy with iŠoL/Demise. -Paid.
100K on Duddy with JK1700. -Paid.
75K on Duddy with Walt Liquor. -Paid.
100K on Duddy with Alec900. -Paid.
100K on Duddy with playaballer1. -Paid.

Allan Green vs. Andre Ward
My 1 million on Green to `STEELHEAD's 6 million on Ward. -Paid.

Lakers vs. Celtics
2 million on Lakers with D.I.E.S.E.L. -Paid.

France vs. Germany
500K on France with IncuFan. -Paid.

Ivan Calderon vs. Jesus Iribe
My 3 million on Calderon to Talisayen's 1 million on Iribe. -Paid.

Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin
500K on Liddell with ianntheman. -Paid.

Miguel Cotto vs Yuri Foreman
My 1 million on Cotto with Earl-Hickey's 500K on Foreman. -Paid.
75K on Cotto with british_fan. -Paid.
100K on Cotto with Walt Liquor. -Paid.

Quinton Jackson vs. Rashad Evans
1 million on Jackson with Mickey Gomez. -Paid.

Vitali Klitschko vs. Albert Sosnowski
My 8 million on Klitschko with `STEELHEAD's 500K on Sosnowski. -Paid.
My 150K on Klitschko to mathed's 10K on Sosnowski. -Paid.

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