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'Sugar' Freddi's Past Bets - Page 3

Posted 10-04-2009 at 01:48 PM by 'Sugar' Freddi
Updated 11-27-2010 at 07:58 PM by 'Sugar' Freddi

***9679; Israel Vasquez vs. Rafael Marquez
500K on Marquez with Rorschach™. -Paid.
500K on Marquez with Demise. -Paid.

***9679; Amir Khan vs. Paulie Malignaggi
My 100K that Malignaggi does not T/KO Khan with Spray_resistant's 20K. -Paid.
My 700K on Khan with Hitman932's 200K on Malignaggi. -Paid.
50K that Khan does not T/KO Malignaggi with medium-deek. -Paid.
My 4 million on Khan with STEELHEAD's 2 million on Malignaggi. -Paid.

***9679; Kevin Mitchell vs. Michael Katsidis
My 1.5 million on Mitchell to `STEELHEAD's 1 million on Katsidis. -Paid.

***9679; Victor Ortiz vs. Nate Campbell
10K on Ortiz with -EX-. -Paid.
My 40K on Ortiz to PureBoxingCEO's 20K on Campbell. -Paid.
My 4 million on Ortiz to Precision's 2 million on Campbell. -Paid.

***9679; Cavaliers vs. Celtics
1 million on Cavaliers with *AKO PA HA!. -Paid.

***9679; Antonio Margarito vs. Roberto Garcia
1 million on Margarito with BoxingPromoter. -Paid.

***9679; Kermit Cintron vs. Paul Williams
My 800K on Williams to Talisayen's 100K on Cintron. -Paid.
My 1.2 million on Williams to MAXWELL_'s 200K on Cintron. -Paid.
My 1.6 million on Williams to I D G A S' 200K on Cintron. -Paid.
My 400K on Williams to California Love's 50K. -Paid.
My 800K on Williams to mellow_mood's 100K on Cintron. -Paid.
My 800K on Williams to Rorschach™'s 100K on Cintron. -Paid
My 800K on Williams to speedjay's 100K on Cintron. -Paid.

***9679; Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. "Sugar" Shane Mosley
My 1 million on Mosley with SkillspayBills' 2.5 million on Mayweather. -Paid.
My 1 million on Mosley with starjammer's 2 million on Mayweather. -Paid.

***9679; Saul Alvarez vs. Jose Miguel Cotto
My 10K on Alvarez with BEEHOP's 4K on Cotto. -Paid.

***9679; Tomasz Adamek vs. Chris Arreola
500K on Adamek with Šemise. -Paid.
1 million on Adamek with Talisayen. -Paid.

***9679; Mikkel Kessler vs. Carl Froch
10K on Kessler with PrettyBoy22. -Paid.
50K on Kessler with medium-deek. -Paid.
300K on Kessler with Lakas. -Unpaid.
200K on Kessler with slicksouthpaw16. -Paid.
My 700K on Kessler with `STEELHEAD's 500K on Froch. -Paid.

***9679; Lucian Bute vs. Edison Miranda
My 1 million on Bute with Pantera2000's 250K on Miranda. -Paid.
My 1 million on Bute with CLEOTIS' 200K on Miranda. -Paid.

***9679; Sergio Martinez vs. Kelly Pavlik
250K on Martinez with P.WILL -Paid.
250K on Martinez with iann. -Paid.

***9679; Andre Berto vs. Carlos Quintana
500K that the fight doesn't go to distance with `STEELHEAD. -Paid.
My 4 million on Berto with `STEELHEAD's 1 million on Quintana. -Paid.
My 150K on Berto with ninjapacky's 50K on Quintana. -Paid.

***9679; Bernard Hopkins vs. Roy Jones Jr.
My 2 million on Hopkins with Scott9945's 1 million Jones. -Paid.

***9679; David Haye vs. John Ruiz
My 2 million on Haye with `STEELHEAD's 500K on Ruiz. -Paid.
250K that Haye T/KOs Ruiz with MAXWELL_. -Paid.
50K that Haye T/KOs Ruiz with al22tec. -Paid.

***9679; Erik Morales vs. Jose Alfaro
1 million on Morales with Scott9945. -Paid.

***9679; Marcos Rene Maidana vs. Victor Manuel Cayo
My 200K on Maidana with H.O.P.E's 100K on Cayo. -Paid.
My 1 million on Maidana with Hitman932's 200K on Cayo. -Paid.
400K on Maidana with Sox8055. -Paid.

***9679; Ali Funeka vs. Juan Guzman
My 200K on Funeka with `STEELHEAD's 250K on Guzman. -Paid.

***9679; Arthur Abraham vs. Andre Direll
1 million on Abraham with ***1048;ATAS206. -Paid.
2 million on Abraham with reedickyaluss. -Paid.

***9679; Mathew Hatton vs. Gianluca Branco
250K on Hatton with Mickey Maguire. -Paid.

***9679; Wladimir Klitschko vs. Eddie Chambers
My 60K on Klitschko with mathed's 20K on Chambers. -Paid.
My 1.2 million on Klitschko with `STEELHEAD's 200K on Chambers. -Paid.

***9679; Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey
500K with -Boxzilla- that Pacquiao will KO/TKO/Stop Clottey. -Paid.
500K with -Kevin- that Pacquiao will KO/TKO/Stop Clottey. -Paid.
1 million with P.WILL that Pacquiao will KO/TKO/Stop Clottey. -Paid.
My 100K on Pacquiao with xxjace's 50K on Clottey. -Paid.

***9679; Devon Alexander vs. Juan Urango
50K on Alexander with Famoso Matador. -Paid.
My 400K on Alexander with `STEELHEAD's 100K on Urango.
50K on Alexander with Akyra. -Paid.

***9679; Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Rogers Mtagwa
My 30K on Gamboa with PureBoxingCEO's 7K on Mtagwa. -Paid.
1 million that Mtagwa will not get KOed/TKOed/Stopped with ***1048;ATAS206. -Paid

***9679; Edwin Valero vs. Antonio DeMarco
500K on Valero with `STEELHEAD. Paid.

***9679; Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Steve Luevano
My 1 million on Lopez with `STEELHEAD's 500K on Luevano. -Paid.
My 500K on Lopez with toyi's 100K. -Paid.

***9679; Juan Diaz vs. Paulie Malignaggi II
100K on Malignaggi with Pretty Boy32. -Paid
500K on Malignaggi with peyk-peyk. -Paid

***9679; Vitali Klitschko vs. Kevin Johnson
My 1 Million on Vitali with John-Locke-9-22's 100K on Johnson. -Paid.

***9679; Paul Williams vs. Sergio Martinez
My 200K on Williams with Hitman932's 100K on Martinez. -Paid
My 20K on Williams with PureBoxingCEO's 15K on Martinez. - Paid

***9679; Roy Jones Jr. vs. Danny Green
10K on Jones Jr. with PureBoxingCEO. - Paid

***9679; Lucian Bute vs. Librado Andrade
My 50K on Bute with onedream722's 25K on Andrade. - Paid

***9679; Tito Ortiz vs. Forest Griffin
5K on Ortiz with Rellik. - Paid

***9679; Mikkel Kessler vs. Andre Ward
My 60K on Kessler with John-Locke-9-22's 30K on Ward. - Paid
30K on Kessler with tymann23. - Paid
30K on Kessler with fightfan_79. - Paid

***9679; Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto
My 200K on Pacquiao with El Angel's 150K on Cotto. - Paid
My 6K on Pacquiao with Aracibo04's 5K on Cotto. - Paid
20K on Pacquiao with dondi330. - Unpaid
300K on Pacquiao with Chups. - Paid
500K on Pacquiao with Ri***918;O/Santa. - Unpaid
40K with billionaire that Cotto will get KD'd/KO'd. - Paid
My 30K on Pacquiao with Peder's 10K on Cotto. - Paid

***9679; Noklai Valuev vs. David Haye
50K on Valuev with Pretty Boy1. - Paid
25K on Valuev with John-Locke-9-22 - Paid

***9679; Tomasz Adamek vs. Andrew Golota
25K on Adamek with catalinul. - Paid

***9679; Jermain Tayler vs. Arthur Abraham
My 6K on Abraham with PrettyBoy22's 5K on Tayler. - Paid

***9679; Carl Froch vs. Andre Dirrell
25K on Froch with Kevin Jesus. -Paid
10K on Froch with. - Paid
100K on Froch with jazluvr449. - Paid

***9679; Vitali Klitschko vs. Chris Arreola
9K on Klitschko with baracuda. - Paid

***9679; Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez
5K on Marquez with Jabroni. -Paid
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  1. Old
    PureBoxingCEO's Avatar
    haha great card ! Our battle is 2-1 in your favor, I hope to see you real soon! take care!
    Posted 01-24-2010 at 12:49 AM by PureBoxingCEO PureBoxingCEO is offline
  2. Old
    'Sugar' Freddi's Avatar
    PureBoxingCEO, are you looking for bets?
    Posted 03-21-2010 at 01:12 PM by 'Sugar' Freddi 'Sugar' Freddi is offline

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