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The useful information about Combivir

Posted 11-14-2011 at 06:36 PM by usaonline
I am a medical practitioner. A patient had a needle stick injury. He had three day postexposure prophylaxis wi? I am a medical practitioner. A patient (also doctor)had a needle stick injury wile treating an HIV positive patient. He had three days post-exposure prophylaxis with combivir. Can he now continue with truvada for the 28 day completion course
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What is a salvage therapy treatment in HIV patients? Would want know more about salvage therapy for HIV patients on arvs namely combivir and stocrin.

Will i be okay if i took two of these pills at once? Okay, i had gotten raped by three guys who i have no idea about, well i went to the hospital and they put me on these pills called Combivir and Kaletra, i was takin them and i accidently took two of one of them, Im not sure, i was reading something and my mind was off track i was wondering if i will be okay if i took two of Kaletra or two of Combivir.

I am remorseful you are and, continue trauma.You might be OK. If you can read this the pills won't kill you.I hope you are strong. A good person needs you. It won't be easy, for you.

it's not a problem that you accidently took 2. from now on just follow the directions on the bottle.`

I was diognosed to be HIV positive three years back and was put on antiretrovirols [ from that time,? I have been taking combivir and stocrine, I have never suffered from any oportunistc infection all along. I am a married man and my spouse knows this and we always have protected sex I am 40yrs old. My main problem is that my libido has gone so low that I normaly just force myself to have sex, I never feel like doing it andmy spouse is realy having it rough. Could this be due to this drugs or what could be happening to me? Any time I go back for the tests, my viral load is always undetectable and my immune system is quite okey I am even told by my doctor that I can fathter another child at this time. What could be the reason to this low sex desire ? my docter tells me that he has no evidence that the drugs affect sex life.Could osmeone help, because my marriage is on the rocks due to this problem. Is there a solution and which one is it?

Have your doc order some blood tests to get your testosterone levels checked.Once a guy hits his mid 30's, the T level can go down significantly, to the point where libido, as well as other things that testosterone controls, goes to pot.It's a starting point.

As a HIV + male i know what you are going through. I don't really think its your libido that has gone down the drain. My partner and I talked about this too when it was happening to me. We felt it was more a mental problem, Not as in I'm mental, but more of a "I dont want to pass this on to someone else", so any time we tried to have sex that always played in my mind and I couldn't fully enjoy the sex part because of it. Hope this helps.

can i stop taking this medication? i work in a hospital, i was recently stuck by a insulin needle at work and the infection control officer put me on a hiv med called combivir for 28 days. my blood was drawn about an hour after it happened everything was normal and my hiv test was negative. this medicine i got after the blood work, i've been on it about 2 weeks and its been the worst two weeks i've ever had i have been sick as hell from the first dose. will everything still be ok if i stop taking it? please help

If the infection control officer thinks you should be on it for 28 days, listen. One hour after being infected, I would doubt there would be a good success rate at detecting either the virus or any immune response.If you are willing to take the risk of allowing the HIV to survive in your system if you were in fact infected, go ahead. I would not. If you can stop HIV now, stop HIV now.

You need to contact your doctor for a reliable answer to this! Opinions are like, well you know, everyone's got one. Personally, I would take all the mdeicine,EXACTLY as I was instructed to do. If you think the last two weeks have been miserable, think how miserable (and sick ) you would be if you had HIV. Living life with no hope for a long and healthy life, would be much, much worse. Unless you already have a terminal disease, you shouldn't even take a chance with this. Do you have a lover now, or do you ever plan on having one? How would you feel making them take that chance? If you are a health care provider, you should know that the first test, is unlikely to show if you have contracted this disease or not. Why would you want to take a stranger's advice on this when you have a prffessional's opinion available to you? Even with hippa laws the way they are, you probably could express your concerns to the Doctor of the patient who was administered the insulin. If you have children or a spouse, you owe it to them to make sure to do all you can to protect yourself and them, don't you think? I am sorry the treatment as made you so ill, but don't you think you need to act like a mature grownup and not seek the seemingly easiest way out? You might find impending death more inconvenient, lol good luck, and God Bless you! I will say a prayer for your well being.

NO!If it is making you ill go back to the prescribing doctor it will be up to him to decide what needs to be done. HIV will not appear in your system immediately it has to incubate if it is present at all. The assumption here is that the patient has HIV. If you are a nurse you should know better and if you are EV services listen to the doctor.

Was the insulin needle the needle of an HIV positive person? If not, I dont understand why you should need to be on the meds . they have horrible side effects and if the needle is a low risk needle i think it is a little overkill. The hospital will encourage the meds to avoid a lengthy workmans compensation law suit. Talk to the infection control officer. Hope this helps,C
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