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12-20-2002, 06:48 AM
I found these descriptions of the 5 major exercises I would prescribe to anyone who weight trains, at any level, to include in thier programme...

These are the basis of a solid programme in my eyes and can't be spoken high enough of. Read on!

Deadlifts; Twenty two muscles come into play with this movement, making it the best exercise to stimulate large strength and size gains. There is rotation around all the major joints of the body [bare the elbows], involving all the muscles that account for large size increases like the quads, lats, and hips. This is exercise allows the heaviest weights of all the other exercises which means that itís effect on the whole system is unique. Most trainees avoid this exercise because itís so demanding but thatís the very same reason it should be included, itís a total body exercise.

Squats; Like deadlifts, squats uses a similar but slightly smaller amount of muscles, about 19, ensuring major strength gains throughout the body. This proven mass builder has been delivering some remarkable gains for extreme hardgainers for decades and will continue to do so provided the trainee puts in the required effort. Itís effect isnít limited to just the lower body either as squats places stress throughout, making it second in line as "king" of all exercises.

BB Rows; This involves all the muscles of the upper body, and while chin-ups and pulldowns as viable alternatives, bb rows involves the easiest tool for performance. This can and should be alternated with the other two exercises on a rotational basis to reduce mental and physical repetition and boredom. Dorian Yateís style allows the safest and most effective performance, which means a hip width underhand grip, body angled about 25 degrees forward, and the bar being slowly pulled into the waist for a 2 second hold.

Bench Press; This seems to be the ego exercise of choice among almost every male trainee due to superior upper body strength males possess compared with females. Itís easy to perform, as you are comfortably laying on your back pushing a barbell above your face. But itís much more than that, as it involves all the pushing muscles of the upper body, while involving the pulling muscles to stabilise and help control the weights decent. Dips are an alternative provided that you are structurally suited.

BB Press; The ability to raise a heavy barbell above your head is a feat that has been neglected in the past few decades in favour of the former exercise. But unlike the bench press, this involves stabiliser muscles that help maintain the body during execution, so it should be included as addition or alternated with benches to train the all pushing muscles of the upper body.

12-24-2002, 06:05 PM
You forgot about Power Cleans! One of the best overall weight lifting exercises.

12-24-2002, 07:28 PM
Good point...add these on to the list and we will have a big 6

01-30-2003, 01:48 PM
About the BB rows: I would recommend the "Dorian style" of rows to anyone who has any kind of wrist problems.

I stopped doing the normal overhand rows for a while because of pain in my inner wrist tendons (whatever they are called) when doing this exercise.

I now use the "Dorian style" and have no problems handling progressively heavier loads.

Just takes a few workouts to reprogramm yourself and get comfortable using the different grip.

01-31-2003, 04:13 PM
Good point...this is a very good idea to restrict wrist problems.