View Full Version : Biiig boxing weekend - uk and the world

11-03-2006, 11:15 AM
Eight world titles, one european and two british/commonwealth. If they all went the distance thats over 6 hours of boxing. You can't **** with that.

Unfortunately, I'll just be able to watch the ITV and Sky TV fights, but if anyone can upload any fights from the Lyakhovich-Briggs card it would be much appreciated.

Carl Johanneson v Femi Fehintola (British super featherweight).

Carlos Baldomir v Floyd Mayweather (WBC welterweight),

Robert Guerrero v Orlando Salido (IBF featherweight)

Serguei Lyakhovich v Shannon Briggs (WBO heavyweight)

Cory Spinks v Rodney Jones (IBF light middlweight)

Jose Antonio Rivera v Travis Simms (WBA light middleweight)

Juan Diaz v Fernando Angulo (WBA lightweight)

Luis Alberto Perez v Ricardo Vargas (IBF super flyweight)

Alex Arthur v Sergio Palomo (European super featherweight)

Will Limond Vs Kpakpo Allotey (Commonwealth Lightweight)

Gairy St Clair v Malcolm Klassen (IBF super featherweight)