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10-28-2006, 12:11 PM
Taken from another forum,but very very funny reading

But it is so true about Calzcrappy



He beat a faded Chris Eubank in '97, who had been training to appear on his undercard at LIGHT HEAVY. Eubank was given ten days to drop down to 168lbs, after Collins relinquished his WBO title. The former champ still gave him hell. Calzaghe doing Ali shuffles with his stinky little skinny legs, almost made me sick.

Rock on Joe, you're f*ckin great!


The majority of Calzaghe's defences have been against complete nobodies (Sobot, Thornberry, McIntyre, Jiminez, Salem, Bika), domestic opposition (Starie, Reid, faded Woodhall) and average "past it" ex-champions (Brewer, Mitchell).

I should mention that Robin Reid was still performing well back then, and almost beat Calzaghe. He still remains one of Calzaghe's "toughest" tests. After nine years? Robin Reid? Nine? Anyway!


I'm a man and I admit the following. I convinced six mates to go down to Manchester and watch Lacy bash Calzaghe's f*ckin teeth in. This was everything I had been waiting for. I was two shakes off of trying to fight Enzo Calzaghe on the undercard, that's how up for it I was!!!

Calzaghe put on a clinic and did things in that fight that he had never done before. That I respected and he shut up a lot of people who went against him. I was f*ckin astonished! Fair play!


Calzaghe's win over a (21-0) IBF Champion garnered him the following acclaim.

Ring Magazine Champion

I agree! He's the best Super Middle in the World at the moment, so he deserves it. But, that's sort of like saying I'm the best fighter in my house. There is only me and my girlfriend and she can't fight for sh*t. You get where I'm going here?

Entry into the pound for pound top ten!

Why? He didn't beat anyone on the list. Name me another fighter in the pound for pound top ten who never defeated another pound for pounder and actually gets slated for the quality of his opposition?

Hatton got there by beating Tzsyu for f*ck sake! Jeff Lacy or Kostya Tzsyu??? Hmmmm. Don't give me any garbage about the manner of victory! Hatton beat Tszyu (a legend) in a hard fight! Calzaghe beat Lacy (a novice by comparison) in a turkey shoot! Weigh it!

People are now saying he would have beaten a prime Eubank, prime Benn and a Prime Jones!

You have got to be f*ckin kidding me?????? Joe just beat a young kid, who held a title for a year and a half and can't even spell the words adjust, change gameplan, plan b, or move my f*ckin head out the way!

Sure I was the smart ass who thought Lacy was a Mike Tyson mini me, but lets face it, a lot of people were of the same opinion. We f*cked up! Lacy looked great at a certain level and Joe slapped him around the head. Should Calzaghe be considered a legend beater on that basis?

Frank Warren can't make the fights, so he just makes up fantasy results. Bollocks!


Shane Mosley and Oscar De La Hoya are not in the pound for pound top ten and Calzaghe is!

Mosley has looked fantastic in his last two fights against Vargas, especially the last one. Vargas was an "accomplished former champion" and nobody had knocked him out as quickly? Add to that, it was one of the best knockouts of the year! Was this not better than a dominating points win over a young champion?

Oscar turned the clock back and blasted out a guy who beat Forrest twice and took Spinks to a split decision. Many people thought Oscar was going to get his ass kicked, and he virtually nailed Mayorga to the f*ckin ground.

Okay De La Hoya's been inactive. But it's hard to ignore the fact that he's a six division titlist who can still perform at the elite level. Is Calzaghe better pound for pound? As I said! Bollocks!


You take a look at Calzaghe's resume and then name me another pound for pound entrant who has achieved less. He talks about equalling Hopkins record of defences, as if it's comparable? He thinks his string of WBO mandatories (an organistaion that moved a guy up their rankings after he was dead), matches up to Hopkins resume? Are you winding me up? Matching Joe Louis' title defences? Respect for legends? Shut the f*ck up Joe!

He claims to have been dodged by Jones, Hopkins, Tarver etc, but if he relies on Frank Warren to offer them chump change, then wtf does he expect. Nigel Benn said it best; "take less money to take on the big fight and prove your point!".

When do you see Big Joe doing that? Look for Calzaghe vs. Manfredo at a cinema near you!

Sorry! I'm hung over and had to vent some anger! If I offended any Joe fans then peace out

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10-28-2006, 12:12 PM
and who exactly has kessler beat again ?

10-28-2006, 12:28 PM
and who exactly has kessler beat again ?

Well look at the record that "counts" - from when Kessler became champion. He beat the reigning champ, then he beat the former champ (in australia), then another former champion and then the WBC champion.

In Calzaghe's last four he has beat: Veit, Ashira!, Lacy and Bika - one of these was a champion (ever).

Kessler took two years to manage what Calzaghe needed nine years to do - unify two titles ... Now it's time we see one of them unify them all

10-29-2006, 05:31 AM
I always said Calzaghe was the best fighter in the world, until Gatti/Mayweather changed my mind.

I still have Calzaghe #2 lb4lb.

Tyson was #1 lb4lb in '86, after beating average Ali-clone Trevor Berbick. Roy Jones Jr was a lb4lber in '92, when he'd only appeared on TV a handful of times since his first few bouts. I really don't understand why boxing fans these days count so-called 'status' over physical ability and talent.