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12-13-2002, 11:56 PM
"From Phil Miller Camp:

"To whom it may concern,

"Today on 12-11-02 the UFC has made claim that Phil Miller declined to fight Phil Baroni, this is only partially true.

"What they decline to mention is that under Phil's contract with them, his first three fights would not put him in a bout where his opponent's fight purse would exceed his by double (which means he only asks for half of what his opponent would get for the same fight).

"In the case of his fight with Phil Baroni, the UFC refused to meet their contractual agreement by assuring us that Baroni would not make double Miller's fight purse. When we offered to take the fight outside of the contract agreement if they would at least increase the fight purse, they became furious, and refused to make this fight happen.

"If the UFC would have only honored their commitments in writing as they expect their fighters to do, this would not be an issue. When we countered their offer with Menne or Miletich they declined.

"Phil would like his fans to know he has honored his side of the contract that he signed, but will not give into the bulling tactics (like their recent press releases) to make him take a fight that is not in the guidelines of his contract. Phil will continue to fight the best in the world, which at this time we are not convinced are even with the UFC. After listening to Tito after the Shamrock fight express his feeling on their disloyalty, we're starting to get a better understanding of the real picture. Phil is not one to air his personal business in public, but this is the forum that they are choosing.

Thank you,
Camp of Phillip Miller"

That is a copy of the e-mail that was sent to the various MMA media from the camp of Philip Miller. From that is seems like the UFC is trying to back out on its contract with Miller. However, he is the respones from Zuffa.

For Immediate Release From Zuffa, LLC
December 13, 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Zuffa, LLC, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (“Zuffa”), is aware that an individual or entity hiding behind the pen name “Camp of Phillip Miller” distributed an email earlier today that makes false accusations regarding Mr. Miller’s promotional contract with Zuffa. In particular, the email falsely states that Mr. Miller’s contract provides that each of his purses will not be less than half of what his opponents earn for the same fights. However, like any professional business, Zuffa maintains files of all its contractual agreements. Consequently, Zuffa possesses the original agreement with Mr. Miller, and nowhere in the document is there a provision as falsely alleged in the defamatory email communication.

"Zuffa has demanded an immediate and full retraction from the individual or individuals who sent the email earlier today. If a plain and unequivocal retraction satisfactory to Zuffa’s lawful demands is not timely distributed to each of the third parties who received the original email, Zuffa will proceed with all legal and equitable measures against those involved with the false statements. Such measures will include demand for recovery of any and all damages to Zuffa’s business reputation. Additionally, Zuffa is politely reminding anyone who may consider further disseminating the false statements that the knowing re-publication of libelous material may subject the re-publishing individual or entities to separate damages.

"Zuffa is proud of its business reputation and its dealings with every UFC fighter. Therefore, whenever someone makes defamatory statements about the company, Zuffa is committed to using all legal means available to protect the reputation of the company, and its owners, officers and employees."

Man, this is some crazy ****. I want to know how this turns out. If the UFC really did try to get out of the Miller contract, they **** them. However, if what they said was true, I hope they roast the Miller camp.

Ethier way, I am going to be EXTREMLY pissed at someone. I just don't know who yet.

(letters taken from sherdog.com)

12-14-2002, 01:08 PM
and the saga continues....

12-14-2002, 04:18 PM
Zuffa has much more to lose in this situation so i dont think he is bluffing at all. this seems to be a plan by this Miller camp people that may go really bad for them.

James Fulton
12-14-2002, 04:40 PM
It's pretty gay that they will take "Legal action"