View Full Version : What happened to the Old Vitor?j/k LUDWIG v Pulver!

12-06-2002, 02:30 AM
When is the Pulver V Ludwig fight going to happen?

12-06-2002, 02:42 AM
what is this old vitor thing? was i out fo the loop when somethign happened to vitor?

12-06-2002, 02:45 AM
[quote:6043a77cf2="VulgarTheClown"]what is this old vitor thing? was i out fo the loop when somethign happened to vitor?[/quote:6043a77cf2]
It use to e a thread that every newb posted on that othr forum channel!...since im a newb,I wanted to post that titlte!

But in reallity,I dont give a rats ass about Vitor! :wink:

12-06-2002, 02:56 AM
UCC 12: Adrenaline - Pulver vs Duane "Bang" Ludwig + WAY MORE!
Ludwig vs. Pulver for the UCC World LW Championship

- No explanation needed here, Lil Evil vs K-1 & KOTC Veteran Duane Ludwig...get ready for some bombs.

Fryklund vs. Loiseau for the UCC World MW Championship (Loiseau's 1st defense)

- Tony the Freak Fryklund (of London bar brawl with Tito fame) who also sports a great record vs David "The Crow" Louiseau who just put on an AMAZING show against Jesse Jones who like Fryklund is a great fighter from the Miletich camp. If Louiseau wins this I think he should be on the MMA top 10.

Andre vs. Vigneault in a Middleweigth Superfight

- You gotta know Vigneault to know why this is gonna rock. Just trust me its gonna be a war.

Black vs. Alessio for the UCC World Welterweight Championship (Alessio's 1st defense)

- Black just won in WFA and is undefeated, they say nobody wants to fight him. Alessio KO'd Pimp Daddy Sean Pierson with a kick to the face. He won at Pride's THE BEST and recently TKO'd Chris Brennan with a Vitor vs Silva like flurry at KOTC. Damn this is gonna be a wicked match.

Stephane Laliberte vs. Mark Hominick for the UCC Canadian Super Lightweight Championship (Hominick's 2nd defense)

- Hominick is always awesome to watch..he is a mini Wanderlei..even wears the shorts that say ChuteBoxe , Wanderlei Silva...Thai trained and wild.

Fabiano vs. Menjivar for the #1 contender sport for the UCC World Super Lightweight Championship

- Finally Pedenerais protoge, Nova Unaio BJJ Black Belt, Brazilian BJJ 3rd Place (Mundials?) and all around ground wizard Waggney Fabiano will face the extremely hard slamming and athletic wrestler Ivan Menjivar. This oughta be nuts. Waggney is a very cool guy, I have trained with him once and been part of his affiliated schools he really knows his stuff on the ground. Menjivar I have spoken to a few times and seen him fight. Great wrestler very athletic and he can hurt you badly.

Look for more matches to be added!!!