View Full Version : "Sulfuric" Acid at U.N.

09-21-2006, 02:14 PM
*I've already posted this in another thread, so forgive me; but since this is the best place for intelligent disussion on these matters, I decided to re-post it for your thoughts*

The "popularity" of our president with other world leaders is something for we citizens to think about. After you read this story, remember that Chavez got a standing ovation when he was done.....Bush got light, polite applause the day before. Something to think about, y'all.





while Chavez going off at the U.N. does not surprise me, given everything that has happened and everything that has been said and suggested, the response of other World Leaders and representative is what I find not only disturbing; but worthy of note.

We Americans haven't practiced "Isolationism" since prior to WWII; and as many like to say, the post-911 world is a different one....we can't be isolationists in any shape, form, or fashion. My point is this: if our leadership has inspired this kind of hate and mistrust around the world, we are, indeed, doing something wrong. You can say all you want about the financial aid we've given other countries all you want, that doesn't change the fact that we are not liked and our diplomacy, or lack-thereof, is the reason.

In order for there to be a peaceful world, we (by we, I mean our leaders/president) must treat other World Leaders with respect. Those men/women who are the presidents, kings, queens, prime ministers, etc of other countries are the faces of those populations who share the same globe as we....and deserve the same reverence we hold for our own leaders; and it is the responsibility of our Government to treat them the same way they are treated. The President of the United States has not only the responsibility of looking out for the best interest of the citizens he serves; but also has the responsibility of representing US when relating to the representatives of other countries.

While he does hold the title of Commander in Chief and has all the responsibilities that title entales, he/she is also our figurehead, our voice, our eyes and ears.......and must keep in mind that All World Leaders are just as important to their people; and that we share this planet with many, many other countries, all of whom play a role, and share his/her place in World Politics, regardless of how much military might they may or may not have.

Might does not make right; and that's what we (U.S. Military) fought against in WWII. For the most part, we do not flex our military muscle unless we have to....or so we private citizens are told. Here's the thing: there are far more of us common, non-military folk than there are leaders and people in power; and we are of all races, colors, creeds, and socio-economic backgrouds; and we exist all over the globe, in every topography. We speak different languages, and essentially, we all want the same things. No, of course you hear about the extremists on the news, for that's what the news does....who would watch "News" about common folk like you and I? Not many; but that's because that's us, that's how we live, that's normal, that's life, and that's not news....most of the world is this way to some extent or another. Sure, some contries and peoples are more financially affluent than others; but that does not change our innate nature, which is essentially all the same in our wants, our desires, our hopes and our dreams.

We, the common people, the workers, the farmers, the laborors, the peasants, are the soul of the Earth,....not those we hired as care-takers. We put them in place to mind the garden; and it is our responsibility to make sure they're not poisoning the whole crop.