View Full Version : Pat Miletich Interview

12-03-2002, 08:06 PM

Speaks about his current injury and how close his team is.

They sound like a very tight group of guys

"[b:e4a0d4af4e]KM: I'm glad to hear you in reasonably good spirits. When you got injured right around the time the UCC postponed their show until January some of us started to wonder that's like your team missing four or five paychecks in December. I was asking some of the others if you guys are ok. Thinks have got to be kind of tight for you guys right now. How is Miletich Martial Arts doing? [/b:e4a0d4af4e]PM: Oh, we're fine. That doesn't cause us problems at all: everybody takes care of each other. I own a Gold's Gym and everything so I'm fine, I don't depend on fight money anymore. It's nice to have the extra money but the other guys some of them probably get tight on money but if they need money everybody helps and pitches in and stuff like that. I drove cars with rusted out floorboards and missing hubcaps for my whole life so really to us it's not that big a del every now and then to miss a fight.

[b:e4a0d4af4e]KM: It's not going to be a lump of coal Christmas for Miletich Martial Arts, you guys are doing ok[/b:e4a0d4af4e]. PM: We're fine. "