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Tanner Rhoden
11-03-2002, 05:34 PM
From: ShannonRitch
Date: 03-Nov-02 05:12 PM
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I hear that Don "The Dragon" Wilson is going to try his fighting skills in the MMA Cage/Ring? If this is true, I would like to open off by asking for this fight. I am a big fan of "The Dragon" but I think we would match up GREAT and we would put on one hell of a fight~!! If any one knows DON WILSON, ask him to think about a fight with "THE CANNON".
Thanks,Best wishes. Shannon "The Cannon" (The most active MMA fighter in the world)

11-03-2002, 07:06 PM
MUAHAHAHAHAAH let's make this happen

James Fulton
11-03-2002, 08:34 PM
Don would get his first and only MMA win, IMHO. After that he would lose to whomever he fights.

remco pardoel
11-05-2002, 10:31 AM
i guess that I am doing more fights than shanon with all the respect.
I compete in sports jiu jitsu / bjj / submission wrestling and vale tudo

remco pardoel
11-05-2002, 10:31 AM
good luck to both fighters

11-05-2002, 02:35 PM
I would like to see it.