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James Fulton
10-30-2002, 01:53 PM
I am copying and pasting this directly from the UG.

"Well a few weeks ago I was helping cordinate a small event in Iowa and a guy approached me and asked if people who are registered lethal weapons could fight. I tried not to laugh and asked if he was a registered lethal weapon. He said that he was and I acted all impressed. I told him he could, but he couldn't hurt anybody.
He came up later and looked over the waiver. He then said that his contract wouldn't allow him to sign this waiver. He said that he was a pro boxer who fights in Vegas. I told him that we wouldn't tel anybody if he fought. He said that we couldn't tape his match if he did fight. He cam up to me later and said that he wouldn't fight unless he was the main event. I told him that he would be, and he asked who he would fight. I pointed out a pretty tough guy who's opponent had no showed. The guy just gave me the "****, I'd kill that guy" so I told him that I would fight him. I said "I may not be able to give you much of a fight, but we are the same weight and I'd love the chance to fight a boxer from Vegas." He then asked "Are you sure you want to do this" I said "Yes" he then wrote out a make shift waiver stating that I would not sue him or press charges on him "when" he kciked my ass. I signed it, and ran to the locker room laughing.

The fight started with the guy coming out in a goofy stance. I threw one right KOing him. On his way down he fell on his wrist and broke it. I give this guy credit for claiming to be a lethal weapon and attempting to back it up. I would have given him the other fighter, but that guy was a wrestler and would have taken him down and just pounded him, and he would have been able to say later that he is a boxer and not a wrestler. This guy needed a lesson in boxing."

Travis Fulton rules.

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remco pardoel
10-31-2002, 06:46 AM
fulton rules

James Fulton
10-31-2002, 10:42 AM
Why yes I do.

Or did you mean Travis? Damn