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Gracie Austin
11-27-2002, 02:43 PM
Relson asked me to post notice about taking home the first place team trophy at: NAGA HAWAII SOUTH CAROLINA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS RELSON GRACIE AUSTIN CHALLANGE RELSON GRACIE NATIONALS THE 11TH ANNUAL GRACIE INTERNATIONALS & the US GRAPPLING TOURNAMENT in Jersey. These are just the 1st place accomplishments for the team. Keep up the great work. Relson must be doing something right.

Tanner Rhoden
11-27-2002, 02:53 PM

Gracie Austin
11-27-2002, 04:04 PM
thanks. Relson asked me to post the results. I just got on this forum. I like my white belt...

James Fulton
11-27-2002, 09:20 PM

11-27-2002, 09:22 PM

Gracie Austin
11-27-2002, 10:58 PM