View Full Version : The media and trust, the governement are children.

07-25-2006, 09:29 AM
I get told by the songs that I cant trust the media,
I read in the newspaper about how so many per cent of muslims think that the 7/7 attacks are justified.
Did they ask every muslim? Who can I trust if not the media?
You can only really trust yourself and god, and jesus ( depends on your religion)
I live in a world where, if a countries terrist group kills 2 soldiers of another country,
the other country goes mental and leaves me picture in the newspaper to see like still shots of a horror film.
I live in a country where, we let preachers of hate into the country, but not the ghurkas, who serve us so proudly, and love our country more than most of us, and as one said, wants to be buried in the union jack when he dies.
I live in a world where the governents are all currupt, and play with the lives of people like they were toy soldiers.
I live in a country where, when men come home from serving their country, you can see in their faces, the shards of what once was. Broken now, maybe forever,
And they get letters from the MoD, telling them they dont want to have to look after them now, now that the flashback their personal horrors, now that they cannot cope.
Standard letter.

Of course there is love. But when I was younger and I saw so little of the world's hate I thought that we had enough.
Ignorance is bliss.
Ignorance is expensive.
Hate is ignorance.
We have a tapestry of moments sewn together by our lives.
Please, for yourselves, and for everyone else. Choose the nice patches.

01-07-2010, 02:28 AM
All a man got is himself and his fam. **** everybody else, especially the govt.