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11-29-2002, 03:22 AM
from www.adcombat.com

[b:f35b806665]First off, talk about the fight with Chuck a little - what are your first thoughts?[/b:f35b806665] I have watched all his videos. I trained the same that I do for everyone. I felt ok, I had no injuries going into the fight and I was very confident. He was the best man that night!

[b:f35b806665]What did he do in there? [/b:f35b806665]There were no surprises from him! I mean, I think I was the one who tried to do some different things. I tried to trade punches a little more than usual, but things turned out not going my way.

[b:f35b806665]Everybody was expecting you to come and try to play takedowns, you definitely suprised many[/b:f35b806665]! This was what I had planned: to catch him and create some confusion. But it did not work. I mean, it was working fine but at the end I got caught!

[b:f35b806665]Are you living there in LA now? [/b:f35b806665]I don't know, maybe I'll stay for a while to check the training here. This is my main goal now: to get training experience and to experiment in different things.

[b:f35b806665]You won the ADCC Brazilian Trials last year and your spot is secured in the next trials. Are you planning to come here and play?[/b:f35b806665] No, unfortunately I have to stay here and won't be able to make it! I can't leave the country until March.

[b:f35b806665]So when will we see you in Brazil again? [/b:f35b806665]Well, I intend to keep up my wrestling career in Brazil, so I will be there to compete in the trials for the Panamerican Games.

[b:f35b806665]Thank you Babalu[/b:f35b806665]! No problem.

11-29-2002, 04:45 AM
he is a very good fighter. i believe he is a marco ruas student. marco trains some of the best...... like upcoming female fighter, debi percell, the first female to fight in kotc.

i give mad props to babalu for his courage to stand with liddell. he got caught up in liddell's wirlwind of kicks and punches, but he did well.

he is very good in bjj, i wish we could have seen more of that skill at ufc. sucks that chuck is a guy that is VERY hard to take down.

Jay Pan ROKK
11-29-2002, 06:35 AM
Babalu is a good fighter, sometimes with little focus, imo ... I am afraid that he is not good at BJJ, though.

11-29-2002, 08:30 AM
Babalu is a good fighter but I could see Liddell beating him again if they where to have a rematch......