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11-29-2002, 03:23 AM
from www.adcombat.com

A lackluster performance by Kazushi Sakuraba on the PRIDE 23 show against Frenchman Giles Arsene has apparently delayed the Sakuraba vs. Vanderlei #3 that was rumored to be on the PRIDE 24 show, scheduled for late December.

While many believe that Sakuraba wanted to work off ring rust, the Japanese star did not look impressive at all, as the match seemed to drag into the 3rd round. Sakuraba also appeared to be slightly out of shape. Given the circumstances (he only had 2-3 weeks of preparation and training) it's understandable.

Sak will more than likely take the next PRIDE off or consider another fight before facing Silva again.

There are still rumors flying around that the Yoshida vs. Frye fight was a work. Insiders point to Frye's arm being popped and reset bYoshida in the ring, however critics state the match looked a little strange, with Frye throwing very LIGHT punches in the beginning of the fight. What is fact is that the long awaited Mark Coleman rematch may be off again due to his arm injury.

PRIDE Champion 'Minotauro' Noguiera looks like he could have his work cut out for him with the Russian Express Train, Emelianenko Fedor. Heath Herring was the victim of a rabid Fedor beating that forced an early stoppage. Fedor caught EVERYONE, including fans and MMA insiders, off guard by beating Herring. Will Nogueira be ready? Look for this in December.

Bob Sapp will reportedly face Yoshihiro Takayama (his first fight back since breaking his eye socket TWICE). Takayama's new pro wrestling gimmick is taking unbelievable amounts of punishment and coming back to win. Unfortunately, everyone doubts he can win this one.

Other fighters and matches being considered are Assuerio Silva vs. Kazuyuki Fujita, Anderson Silva vs. Paulo Filho, Dan Henderson vs. Alexander Otsuka and Kevin Randelman vs. Akira Shoji. Of course, being PRIDE, this could all change within the next week or two.

11-29-2002, 08:39 AM
If it happens I am looking forward to watching Fedor Vs. Nog, I dont know why some guy who is having his first fight back sence busting his eyesocket twice would fight Bob Sapp......

11-29-2002, 10:57 AM
At last!! I want see Henderson smashing Otsuka face!!
Anderson Silva vs Filho.... interesant fight

11-29-2002, 01:03 PM
henderson is back!

11-29-2002, 06:20 PM
Thats a god awful card

The only fight worth watching is the Minotauro/Fedor fight but I am not paying 40$ to watch one good fight, and several fights that shouldn't be taking place at all.

11-30-2002, 07:35 AM
dosent sounds to bad in my opinion

11-30-2002, 08:46 AM
Anyone Henderson's fight and his return is sufficient to see this event

Mr. Beelzebub
11-30-2002, 09:06 PM
Assuerio Silva and Dan Herderson returning!!

pål johnsen
11-30-2002, 10:24 PM
i want igor back!

12-02-2002, 02:55 PM
I wish ninja is later included he should fight another top team member.