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11-11-2002, 12:09 PM
Sitting one on one with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is all about getting to know "Mr. Personality." He's full of life, full of fire, and full of character. MMA Ring Report had the chance to sit and chat with him briefly and it was all pleasure, full of fun, and no holding back. Yup, "Rampage" was on the rampage at the recent King of the Cage in Reno, Nevada, with his quick thoughts on PRIDE, his influences, and Vanderlei Silva.

MMARR: Give me your thoughts on Vanderlei Silva:

QRJ: Well, I think that Vanderlei Silva is an excellent fighter. I don't think he's a true champion. I don't like his attitude towards other fighters and stuff. I think a true fighter should be nice and humble.

MMARR: Recently, Kevin Randleman had a lot to say about your teammate Tito Ortiz. He feels pretty strongly that Chuck Liddell will beat Tito and that Tito cannot outwrestle him. He also stated his personal opinions (in the most negative way) about Tito (and how he felt about him). Care to comment on that--on behalf of Team Punishment--your team?

QRJ: I would say that there's no room in this sport for all that bull****. If Tito and him have a problem with each other than it's between them but just be mature--you know? We can talk **** at the show but when we try and get personal with that, that's when it's bull****!

MMARR: You just beat Igor, what does that win do for you?

QRJ: Evidently, it ain't **** because that was my last fight on the PRIDE contract and they tried to hand me some bull**** number so, evidently it didn't do ****.

MMARR: How do you think you would do in the Light Heavyweight Division in the UFC--is that a place for you as a fighter?

QRJ: Well, I think I'd do pretty good but the UFC is not where I really want to be. I'm gonna let Tito hold it down in the UFC. I think I'd do pretty well but I'd like to explore other places. I don't have to always fight in the big events. I made my money and I got my money saved up. I can fight for chump change here and there. It's all about respect you know?

MMARR: Are you being treated well with the PRIDE organization?

QRJ: Well, I don't think PRIDE treats me the way I feel I should be treated. Like for one fight, they gave me a yellow card in my locker room cause I wore some painting on my back. They do **** like that to me all the time. They give me last minute fights. I just feel like they don't respect me. I won K-1 and it seemed like they were upset that I won. They didn't say "Good Job" or anything.

MMARR: Are the Japanese fight fans respectful of you as a fighter, as an American?

QRJ: Oh yeah, the Japanese fans are the best. I love Japanese fans. They give you gifts and they respect you. As long as you fight hard, they love you.

MMARR: Let's talk about that chain around your neck for a moment. Do you feel that it's important to have a calling card, a character to be remembered as a fan favorite?

QRJ: I just do it. You know me, I like to put on a show no matter where I go. I think you should stand out. I'm a different kind of person. I'm different from everybody else in the world. It's my fighting career. I don't want people to look at me as another ultimate fighter or just another fighter. I want to stand out. Like aww…**** I'm about to put on a show.

MMARR: You got your start with King of the Cage. How did you get there?

QRJ: Well, I was training with Fabiano Iha and Terry Tribel**** needed a fighter, last minute. I had been training with Fabiano for a while and he asked me if I wanted to fight. I was like **** YEAH…I'll fight two weeks notice and ****. I put down the cigarettes and did a lot of training.

MMARR: So, Terry Tribel**** had helped you get your start. Care to elaborate on that?

QRJ: Oh yeah. I'll tell you what. I love Terry Tribel****. He's the nicest man. He helped me out a lot. Most people don't like promoters and stuff because they're promoters--it's their job but Terry took time out and helped me out. He's done a lot of things to help me out. I got into some bull**** ass trouble when I first started fighting Sakuraba, went to jail, and Terry bailed me out for **** he didn't even have to do you know? He got me a hotel room, took care of me, and made sure I got to the fight the next day. It's just **** like that that makes you remember. Terry can ask me--"Rampage, I need this right here." If I can do it, I'm doing it for Terry. Cause I'll never forget what he's done for me. He promoted me to PRIDE to have me fight Sakuraba and it boosted my career.

MMARR: Where did Quinton come from? What was your background like and who or what were your influences?

QRJ: I came from the streets. I didn't have any influences. I was a street thug. I got my money from street ****. My mom had too many kids to feed and I had to do my thing to survive. I was pretty much a street thug, dropping out of school. It wasn't until I started wrestling. That changed things for me. Before then, I had to deal drugs and do all that bull****. Wrestling turned me around. One of my uncle's is a preacher and one day he said "you ain't going to live long if you don't change." So, I said--you know, you might be right. So, I decided to change. My mom moved to another neighborhood and I started wrestling at the high school and I was tired of failing out of school. I got pretty good at wrestling. I was 17 years old in the 9th grade. I told myself that if I failed one more time, I was going to drop out of school. So, wrestling did it for me, turned me around.

MMARR: Who's the next opponent for you?

QRJ: They want me to fight Arona or Dan Henderson. I train with Dan so I don't want to fight him. If I had to, I would but I prefer not to. I'm not an egomaniac. I know I can back out of the fight and I'll know that I'm not a coward. I'm pretty good friends with Dan. I'd rather fight Arona cause I don't know him and he's in the ****ing video game and I'm not.

MMARR: How is Team Punishment working out for you? Is there any competition between you and Tito?

QRJ: Good. The only way I'd leave Team Punishment is if Team Punishment wasn't working for me. I don't really care for the belt. Tito is doing his thing and I'm doing my thing.

MMARR: So, what else is on your mind? What else does "Rampage" have to say to us?

QJR: I just want everybody to know that I'm training hard and whether I win or lose, I'm going to bring the action. I'm gonna try to knock the mother****a out! Go to my Web site and I got T-shirts and **** that says "Rampage." Don't forget about it! I'm hollering at you!

MMA Ring Report could've sat with Rampage all day. He has a lot to say and he's very passionate about his career, his peers, and the industry. Check out his Web site and take the time to chat with Quinton when you see him. He's one of the most approachable fighters out there. Guaranteed, he'll take the time to "holler" at you because if anything, he loves his fans. We wish Rampage lot's of luck in his future PRIDE match-up.

The Golden Bear
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good mother****ing ****.

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[quote:7432a50045]Go to my Web site and I got T-shirts and **** that says "Rampage." [/quote:7432a50045]


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We should have one of those shortly....

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what is the addy to his website ... i knew it but donmt seem to have it anymore

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