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11-11-2002, 12:16 PM
Bas Rutten Interview
By Arnold "The Sushiboy" Lim

MMARR met up with Bas Rutten at an MFC event in Edmonton. Former UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world, Three time King of Pancrase, Pride commentator, all around fan favorite and nice guy Bas Rutten has been there and done that. In this interview he talks about fighting with big weight differences, the chances of seeing him coming back to fight again, Pride, and why he wants what no one else wants…Vanderlei Silva.

MMARR: Why are you here at the MFC today?

Bas: Because they invited me! The first time they were in Calgary and I saw that Mark Pavelich does a real good job of promoting things, and when I compare things like the big shows in America, and I look at this show I really think that this show is a really good show.

MMARR: A lot of people have been talking about Bas Rutten coming out of retirement, is there any truth to that Rumor?

Bas : Yes there is. Right now we are negotiating. I want to fight Vanderlei Silva… obviously. I gotta say that I love Vanderlei Silva. He is one of my favorite fighters and he is the guy to beat right now. If I want to fight somebody, I want to fight him, because I think he is the strongest guy right now at the light heavyweight division.

MMARR: What do you think about Tito Ortiz or Chuck Liddell, do you think they would stand a chance against Vanderlei Silva?

Bas : It depends on what rules. I think that Tito won that fight ( Their Previous fight where he won by decision) But that was UFC rules. If that fight happened under Pride Rules it could be a different outcome.

MMARR: Is there anyone other then Vanderlei Silva that you would fight?

Bas : No, Nobody I don’t hate anybody…

++ Laughs ++

Bas : Oh maybe ( I would fight ) Frank…Frank Shamrock.

MMARR: There were rumors about you fighting Frank Shamrock after he beat Tito Ortiz, is there anything in the works with that?

Bas : Frank used to be a really good friend of mine in the Pancrase days. Then he became the UFC champion, after he became the 2 and 3 time UFC champion suddenly he started talking bad about me. That I didn’t like. I think “Wow man you were always my friend, we used to hang out after the fight in Japan we used to hand out and drink together.”, that’s why it is just not right. You are a friend, or you are not a friend.

MMARR: What do you think about fighters fighting out of their weight division, such as a lightweight fighter fighting a middleweight fighter, or a middleweight fighter fighting a heavyweight fighter?

Bas : I think it is Bull****. I think way back in the UFC with Royce Gracie, nobody knew what grappling was, right now everybody knows. So size and strength does matter, and that is why we have weight classes. If a guy says “I am 180 pounds ok I can beat that guy who is 300 pounds”, that is Bull****. Because that one hundred and twenty pounds… Look at Nogueira, Nogueira fights against Bob Sapp, Bob Sapp trains for maybe 6 months and he gave Nogueira a hell of a fight !!! And Nogueira after that fight, he is my favorite fighter, he is unbelievable.

MMARR: Your weight is pretty similar, would you ever fight Nogueira?

Bas : If they would match me up against him and they would pay me the amount of money that I want I would fight anybody. But the thing is, I really like Nogueira, all the people from the Top Team Brazil, are the nicest guys, and I gotta say that all the people form Chute Boxe are also the nicest guys. So they always say “Oh you want to fight Vanderlei” I say yeah I want to fight Vanderlei. They say “Why” and I say Vanderlei likes me, and I like Vanderlei, but he is the best and I want to fight the best, but I like all the guys.

MMARR: So what do you think is a better team the Chute Boxe team or the Top Team?
Cause they hate each other.

Bas : He He He….I Know and we ask those people “Do you guys hate each other?” And both of the teams say “NO” We don’t hate each other it is just about fighting. I think one of the best fighters coming up right now is “Ninja” (Murilo Rua) I think that guy, with his conditioning and his skills, he is going to be unstoppable. And he is a really good personality, he is a nice guy.

MMARR: Josh Barnet got stripped of his title for steroid use, what are your thoughts on Steroid use in MMA?

Bas : MMA, I don’t care about anything, I always say steroid use is a weakness, if he used steroids to become a better fighter or to try to become somebody better it is a Bull**** thing. I don’t believe in Steroids. I also think that Steroid use is a bad thing, if you have a little cancer and you use steroids, maybe it will enhance the cancer. I am proud to say I have never fought with Steroids, Never!

MMARR: You have trained Duane “Bang” Ludwig, he is fighting in another Canadian Promotion the UCC. Will you be cornering for Duane in that fight?

Bas : No, I am so sorry I cannot. I am doing Pro Wrestling in Japan and I fight one day later in Japan in a Pro Wrestling show. So No, I cannot be there. ( Note: the fight with Duane Ludwig Vs Jens Pulver was rescheduled for a later date so it is unknown whether he will corner for him or not at that time.)

MMARR: What do you think is going to happen with Duane “Bang” Ludwig Vs Jens Pulver? Who do you pick to win that fight?

Bas : Laughs…What do you think? Laughs…. I pick Duane... I wish this fight was five rounds instead of three rounds. Duane has unbelievable stamina. Jens has unbelievable stamina, but nobody in the world…. I train with Duane…. nobody got better stamina then Duane Ludwig. He has the best, so if it would have been a five round fight, it would have been better for Duane. The only way for Jens, is for him to take him down and try to ground and pound and win by submission. But NOT by K.O. Because Duane is NEVER going to be K.O’d.

MMARR: So you think that there is 0% chance that Jens Pulver can beat up Duane Ludwig by stand up?

Bas : in my book there is a 95% chance that Jens CANNOT do it. Jens gots an incredible right hand, the right straight. If he can throw that right hand, it is going to be a lucky shot. But if it is a stand up fight, if they would fight each other in Thai Boxing rules, Duane would always win.

MMARR: Who will you be “Fighting” or Pro Wrestling fighting?

Bas : I don’t know. They always tell me like two days before.

MMARR: What do you think about Pride telling the fighter (their opponent) one or two days before the fight. Like Daijiro Matsui fighting Jerrell Venetiaan on one days notice. What do you think about things like that?

Bas : I think it is not good. They try their best. Not because I am with Pride but I really think that Pride is the biggest show in the world. They have the biggest show, not the UFC, they have the biggest show in the world. Sometimes you face problems like this, somebody doesn’t come up and then they need to fight another fighter. Like Don Frye, Don Frye was supposed to fight Mark Hunt. Two days before the fight they changed it to Jarome Lebanner, who is a totally different fighter then Mike Hunt. He is a southpaw, he has reach that Mark Hunt does not have, who can kick, I mean totally different. It Happens.

MMARR: I see you have a tattoo on your hand, what does that symbolize? Does that symbolize anything special to you? What does it mean?

Bas : The one on my right hand means “Ki” that means energy, life energy. Force. The one on my other hand means “Shao” that means a long life. I put the first one on my hand, after this tattoo I never lost a fight anymore in my life. So I think, “Wait a minute This tattoo works”, so I was always really afraid to die, I think maybe a plane is going to crash or something, so lets give myself a long life, so I put this tattoo on, which means a long life.

MMARR: So far so good?

Bas : Oh yeah…So far so good!

++ Laughs ++

I do things that nobody else in the world can do. And I am still alive so that is good.

MMARR: You like the “Liver shot”, what is it about the “Liver shot” that you like so much, what is it about the “Liver shot” that you advocate so much?

Bas : A lot of people don’t realize how much and what you can do to the body. I always like to go to the body. When I spar with my students, I don’t want to knock people out to the head because it looks bad because I am the teacher and they are the student. So I always try to knock them out to the body. That’s the kind of way that I developed my “Liver shot”. People don’t realize how strong a body shot is. But people start to realize in the “Ground and Pound”, when somebody is down, You get side mount, don’t knee him on the head, knee him on the body, you will win the fight.

MMARR: What is left for you in MMA or what do you want to do in your future after you retire from MMA?

Bas : Well I kind of retired already, but then they want me to fight Vanderlei Silva, then I said if there is a guy that I want to fight, I want of fight Vanderlei Silva. Because he is the best. And I came to America to do acting so I hope I am going to do some good acting.

MMARR: Do you have any movies coming up or anything interesting coming up?

Bas : Yeah in January I have a movie, in February I am going to have another movie with a big young kid actor that is going to be a good one.

MMARR: Can you talk about that what is the name of the movie?

Bas : We don’t know the name, it is going to be a story like the champ and the costar, he is probably going to be the star not me, he he …even though it is going to be Jonathan Lipnicki, Jonathan is the guy from the little Vampire, this kid is the biggest guy, I am so happy that I know his mother, He and his mother are really in love with the UFC and they really like me, that is why right now they are writing a script, so if the script is good I wanna do a movie with him.

MMARR: Tell me who is the best looking fighter in MMA?

Bas : Me

MMARR: Laughs.. He He, I had to ask… What do you think of Sushi do you eat a lot of Sushi?

Bas : Oh man I love sushi, I eat two times a week average. I went to this place where I live now in west lake Village, and the place is called “Takahashi” and one time I fought this guy named Takahashi, I beat him with a leg lock and I broke his shin bone. So when I walked in there, these people are looking at me and there was silence. And then they said excuse me are you what is your name, “Bas, Bas Rutten”, and they Said “Ohh Bas Rutten” and they gave me free beer, and everything and it is good. I love Sushi.

MMARR: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

Bas : Yeah I want to say this. If you see me in real life…. buy me a Heineken or a Drink he he he… That is everything..

++ Laughs ++

MMARR: Thank you very much.

Bas : Thank YOU !!!

Tanner Rhoden
11-11-2002, 12:32 PM
I have the rumor about Bas negotiating with Pride on the main page of the site.

Thanks for posting the whole interview though.

I'm working on getting one with him for our site.

James Fulton
11-11-2002, 12:37 PM
I love Bas' infatuation with hitting the body

11-11-2002, 02:37 PM
"You've gone sideways man"

Wait till he sees the bats

11-11-2002, 05:56 PM
Buy him some Heineken and tell him to come..

The Golden Bear
11-11-2002, 06:38 PM
Man Bas is cool.

pål johnsen
11-12-2002, 04:21 AM
good!!! but i think he is a little over rated! i hope he does a warmup fight first!


Tanner Rhoden
11-12-2002, 07:50 AM
Bas is far from overated Pal.

Tanner Rhoden
11-12-2002, 07:53 AM
I do agree he should have a warm up fight before Wanderlai though.

pål johnsen
11-12-2002, 08:18 AM
what do u mean? far from overrated? how can u be so sure.. i have seen all is fights and he is a great fighter! but i still think he would be in a world of trouble if he fought wanderlei right now! of course i hope bas could take him but i dont think he could come out right now and **** with him!!!!


Mr. Beelzebub
11-12-2002, 09:23 AM
I have to agree, Bas needs a warm up before taking on Wandie.

11-12-2002, 03:32 PM
Its hard to say what kind of condition Bas is in, but Silva seems unbeatable right now, the only people I see beating him would be Bas or Frank, and they are both retired. LOL I'm torn on this one, I am just waiting to see it.

Tanner Rhoden
11-12-2002, 03:36 PM
I did say I thought he should fight a warm up fight first......read my post above.

I think Tito would beat Wanderlai if they fought again. I also think Liddell would beat him.