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James Fulton
10-27-2002, 03:56 PM
Taken from the UG

Harris Norwood defeated Todd Moon in R1 by submission - forearm choke.

Cheyenne Buchannon def. Mike Schwartz by Guillotine choke. R1

Kickboxing Champ Mark Selbee defeated Wayne Music in his MMA debut. It was a good showing for Selbee. Our thanks to that tough SOB Wayne Music for taking this fight on hours notice.

'Big' Sam Holloway defeated Jeff Alcorn by ref stoppage due to strikes in R1. This was an exciting bout. They stood up for most of round one with the wrestler Holloway testing his standup mettle. It ended on the ground. Holloway gets he win but both fighters looked great.

Mike Lee defeated Pee Wee McCall

Mike came out in a monkey suit! Pee Wee cae out in a Rebel Flag! Mike did pretty much control this fight, but it is AMAZING to see a guy as tough as Pee Wee twist his way out of the fully extended armbar of a master grappler like Lee!

Kevin Brooks vs. Jason Jones

Jason Jones no showed us. We still don't know what happened to him. Our apologies to Kevin Brooks who trained hard and was in excellent shape.

George Allen defeated Jason Braswell

GREAT BOUT! Jason is built like a superhero and he is strong. He clearly won round one by dominating the positioning, but never really hurting George. Every judge gave it to Jason. In round two George was able to keep it on the feet and turn the game around. He threw some punishing leg kicks, a devestating shin to the head, and finally he controlled the ground game when it went there. He also threw in some Kung Fu Movie antics. Two judges gave him a 10-8 round for the win.

Joe Merit vs. David Davis

David Davis really came in with his game ON! He charged Joe and he was QUICK. Joe side-stepped and they exchanged. When the fight went to the ground, David posted on his left arm and, in moving around, he popped his shoulder out. COMPLETELY out. Dr. John Keating and Dr. Lanway Ling set it back into place in the cage. David put on some ice and hit the road for his drive home. What a tough SOB. Injury default to Joe.

Forrest Griffin vs. Travis Fulton

Props to Travis for being involved in our first show. He is a legend of our sport and having him on the card was a big deal for us. Never would I have predicted the way this fight went. I suspected that Travis would be slightly favored, but that Forrest could win by decision if he fought smart. Forrest came out and knocked Travis on his ass. Forrest was on him immediately and got rear mount. He rode the five minute round out there - pounding Travis continually. He worked shots underneath and elbows to the side of the head being very careful to not strike the nape of the neck. (This is CC's number one safety rule.) The doctor stopped the fight after the round. Travis had TWO big gashes in the top of his head and his face was pretty swollen. He said it was the first time he had a serious cut in 135 fights and he didn't remember much after Forrest hit him. He had stiches in the scalp. Big win for Forrest. He has a real future in this sport.

Kent Hensley vs. Brian Hawkins

This fight was sponsored by KOTC. It was highly anticipated and ended fast. One quick exchange of several blows. One good scramble for the takedown with Hawkins getting the advantage. Then referee Chris Hickman yelled, 'STOP!' Hensley stood up and his face was a mask of blood. The crowd gasped in unison. A very short but deep cut over The Norseman's eyebrow took him out of the fight. Brian Hawkins had gotten the better of the striking exchange, and Kent later said Brian may have actually hit him in the same spot TWICE. Great performance and great win for Hawkins, who will go on to fight in KING OF THE CAGE in a four-man tournament for the Heavyweight Championship.

Thanks to all of the fighters for making this a landmark show in Atlanta!

Cal Cooper"

Sounds to me like Forest Griffin is the real deal if he handled Travis Fulton like that.


10-28-2002, 11:16 AM
cool james, thanks for the info.

James Fulton
10-28-2002, 12:24 PM
NP bro. I'm still really surprised that Travis Fulton lost. He was looking great for a while but the last pictures I saw of him he looked a bit more overweight then usual. I'm curious if he was in shape for his fight against Griffin.

10-28-2002, 04:29 PM
JAmes are you in Atlanta?

James Fulton
10-28-2002, 08:40 PM
Nope, New Jersey