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James Fulton
11-13-2002, 11:00 AM
Saturday, November 15th, 2002
Jubilee Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

Super Fight 80-90 kg (Middleweight)
- Daijiro Matsui vs. Amar Suloev

90+ kg (Heavyweight)
- Alessio Sakara vs. Roman Zentsov
- Ben Rothwell vs. Ibragim Magomedov
- Daniel Tabeira vs. Alexander Garkushenko
- Erkka Shalstrem vs. Arman Gambaryan

80 - 90 kg. (Middleweight)
- Yka Leino vs. Alexei Veselovzorov
- Goran Vidacovich vs. Stas Nushik
- Curtis Stout vs. Andrei Semenov

70 - 80 kg (Lightweight)
- Dave Strasser vs. Islam Karimov
- Xavier Garcia vs. Sergei *****kov
- Kazeka Muniz vs. Musail Allaudinov

Props mmaweekly

11-13-2002, 05:00 PM
That is a nice contingent of USA fighters there bringing in.

Semenov isn't getting an easy opponent to stage his comeback.

Magomedov must owe someone some money to draw Rothwell. He's fixin' to get kilt real good.

DSE told Matsui he has to walk home if he loses :wink:

Jay Pan ROKK
11-13-2002, 06:00 PM
Go Russia Go ...

11-14-2002, 02:59 PM
Nobody ever cheers for the USA. Why don't we have any friends? Possibly penis envy from the girly countries of South America and Europe. :wink:

11-15-2002, 11:44 AM
sure thats the problem...nothing else

11-15-2002, 12:08 PM
James, great clip in you avitar. I'd never seen the KO. Why the hell is Fujita fighting K-1 anyway. That is some stupid ****.

I hope we can get some clips of the Russia vs the World show.

James Fulton
11-15-2002, 12:13 PM
Thanos, that is Mark Hunt in my avatar. :)

Tanner Rhoden
11-15-2002, 12:43 PM
If it's Mark Hunt, why is Fujita getting Ko'd then huh?

James Fulton
11-15-2002, 01:50 PM

11-15-2002, 05:44 PM
Ok suleov wins
Leino wins
Bytchkov wins

more to come

11-15-2002, 06:05 PM
Muniz wins

11-16-2002, 05:42 AM
Ranking Fights
The first one was Artur Agly 69.2 kg (Red Devil Team) vs Maksim Rudenski 72,4 kg (Red Devil Team)
Referee: Nikolai Kudriashov
They went down straight away and Maksim Rudenski won the fight in just 1.40 minute with a naked choke.

Danila Veselov 77.2 kg (Red Devil Team) vs Agop Topchan 76.65 kg (Legion)
Referee: Nikolai Kudriashov
The first ten minutes were really exciting. Danila was superior for most of the time but Topchan showed that the had an almost incredible ability to absorb punishment.
In Holland Danila would have been declared the winner, but the Russian judges decided that it was a draw because there were no official warnings, so the fight was prolonged for five minutes. Now the roles were reversed and Topchan was the stronger fighter. After a heated discussion amongst each other the Russian jury decided that it should end in a draw.

Bashir Guliev 97.6 kg (Red Devil Team) vs Alseldar Abdulhamidov 115.3 kg (Red Devil Team)
Referee: Marco Broersen.
St. Petersburg Championship. Both are Red Devil fighters but Abdulhamidov is originally from the Kaukasus area but now under management of Red Devil. After three minutes Guliev is bleeding from nose and mouth because of the punishing punches from Abdulhamidov who was constantly pounding down. He could not finish it of however and It ended up being a boring fight with the crowd booing both fighters because even after the referee called the together a few times to tell them they had to fight they refused to engage in a more active battle. After the prolongation of five minutes Abdulhamidov was declared the Champion for what it’s worth.

Sergei Yankovski St Petersburg vs Denis Pakatilo (Ukraine’
A surprise fight because it was not scheduled on the card. Yankovski is nicknamed “the St Petersburg Snake” and he has his roots in wrestling. He toyed around with Patilo for 3.45 minutes before he finished him of with a choke.

The main event
Dave Strasser 80.7 kg (USA) vs Islam Karimov 79.7 kg (Legion Club)
Referee: Nikolai Kudriashov
After five minutes prolongation still no winner and then a draw was declared

Kazeka Muniz 71.95 (Brazil) vs Musail Allaudinov 72.95 (Red Devil Team)
Referee: Marco Broersen
Muniz was the better technical fighter but could not apply a choke or decisive hold. The first three minutes he sat on the back of Allaudinov trying to make a naked choke. In vain however For the rest of the fight he showed superior grappling skills but Musail was in his guard most of the time pounding down without any succes. This impressed the Russian jury and probably due to some pressure from an agitated crowd, which was approaching boiling temperatures, they decided to award the victory to Musail after the extension.. Kazeka showed good sportsmanship and he accepted his first defeat as the great champion he is.

Goran "Rednose"Vidakovic 85.85 kg (Germany) vs Stanislav Ivanchenko 87.1 kg (Ring FT)
Referee: Nikolai Kudriashov
“Rednose” Vidakovic needed just 52 seconds to finish Ivanchenko off with a guillotine choke.

Javier Garcia 73.65 kg (Spain) vs Sergei Bytchkov 74.5 kg (Red Devil Team)
Referee: Marco Broersen
After 6.30 Bytchkov won on KO and this could be seen as a hard-earned present for his
30th birthday which was just two hours away. Hard earned indeed, because the young Spanish fighter was almost more then the Russian “Mad Bull” could chew off.
The fight was barely a minute old when Bytchkov received an official warning for kicking his opponent on the head while he was not in upright position. He deserved the warning, especially since he was also wearing wrestling shoes. After that he was still he stronger and more aggressive fighter while Garcia was taking his time to get up every time The St. Petersburg crowd pleaser brought him down. Sergei did not wanted to enter a groundfight and more then once he gestured Garcia to stand up and continue standing up. But there was a moment he severely regretted this. All of a sudden Garcia had an explosive outburst of energy which resulted in a flurry of punches of which most connected solidly to the head of Bytchkov who was by now bleeding profusely from his mouth. At a certain moment he even gestured the referee to apologize him to take out a broken tooth which he gave to his coach before he continued. For quite some time he was on the receiving end but then he showed why his fans are so fond of him. He came back like the bull he is nicknamed after and knocked down Garcia several times. In an ordinary Muay Thai or Freefight Javier would have received more then one time eight counts but here in the cage no mercy is shown. Only the strongest survives and Sergei proved without any doubt that he was the stronger fighter this night.
But a word of respect for Garcia is absolutely not misplaced. Fight Fans can expect a lot from this talented Spaniard.

Yka Leino 90.75 kg (Finland) vs Alexei Veselovzorov 89.2 kg (Petrogradets Club)
Referee: Nikolai Kudriashov
3.57 Yka Leino winner by naked choke after heavy ground and pound. Veselovzorov’s face was a bloody mess when he stood up but fortunately is was just the blood dripping from his nose that was smeared out all over his face.
Before the fight Leino told us that this fight was the most important one in his life. Not so much for his fighting career as well as for his own mental state of mind. Last time he was in St. Petersburg he fought this same guy and lost because he was exhausted after six minutes. “I had been sick for almost two months and had just recovered. There were only two weeks left when I received the invitation., but never the less I accepted. Which resulted in a loss. This time I am prepared very, very well. I was even willing to fight for free if I only had the chance to get a rematch.”
After he match he said: I’m so glad, For five months this fight was all I could think about. Now I can finally focus my mind on other things again.”

Daniel Tabera 95.8 kg (Spain) vs Alexander Garkushenko (Red Devil Team)
Referee: Marco Broersen
After 9.50 minutes in which Tabera was constantly in control of the fight Garkushenko suddenly stopped to respond in the groundfight and laid down motionless. A punch from Tabera had landed straight on the jaw and resulted in a heavy knockout
Garkushenko was out for quite some time before he showed some sign of life again.

Erkka Shalstroem 92.1 kg (Finland) vs Martin Malkhasyan (96.3 kg (Red Devil Team)
Referee: Nikolai Kudriashov
After 40 seconds Malkhasian applied a naked choke but it took another eleven seconds before Shalstroem tapped out.
Malkhasian winner by submission.

Alessiao Sakara 100.4 kg (Italy) vs Roman Zentsov)99.5 kg (Red Devil Team)
Referee: Marco Broersen
The first part of the fight Zentsov could not do much more but embracing Sakara around the waist
At 6.18 Sakara made it clear to his coach that his left hand was injured and about one minute later he cried out in pain again to his coach who told him not to give up. He held on and this fight also needed an extension before the outcome was clear.
After the extension Zentsov left the cage as the winner.
As an extra bonus a local restaurant awarded Zentsov with a gold card with a value of $1000,-- USA.

Ben Rothwell 115.85 kg (USA) vs Ibragim Magomedov 106.75 kg (Red Devil Team)
Referee: Nikolai Kudriashov
Big Ben Rothwell mainly showed his grappling skills in his fight against Magomedov. There was hardly any trading of punches till the end of the ten minutes. Then Ibragim delivered punch after punch that shook Rothwell on his legs but also hurted him so much that he decided not to enter the extension and left the victory to an extremely happy Magomedov.

A middle weight Championship fight between Curtis Stout 82.55 kg (USA) vs Andrei Semenov 83.85 (Red Devil Team) was next on the program. Referee: Marco Broersen
Curtis meant business because shortly after the “Fight” signal from the referee he managed to lift Semenov and make a body slam. His fun did not last because Semenov wrestled himself into mount position and started to pound the head of the American. Stout managed to get into a kneebridge but soon ended on his belly and the fight was going on for 2 minutes 57 seconds when Semenov managed to apply a naked choke, which made Stout tap out.

Middleweight superfight.
Julian Gonzales 94.1 kg (Spain) vs Amar Suloev 89.75 kg (Red Devil Team)
Referee: Nikolai Kudriashov
Gonzales was brave and tried to exchange punches with Suloev but he was no match for the far more experienced Russian who applied a naked choke after just 1.38 minute.

11-16-2002, 02:03 PM
What happened to Matsui?

11-16-2002, 06:17 PM
Come on Matsui pull this one out

11-18-2002, 09:59 AM
[quote:7bd622f949="James Fulton"]Thanos, that is Mark Hunt in my avatar. :)[/quote:7bd622f949]
Damn, I guess I still haven't seen it then. :cry:

11-18-2002, 10:08 AM
No Matsui I guess.

I'm suprised at the poor showing by the USA contingent. Especially Rothwell, considering how well he did at SuperBrawl. I'm glad to see Semenov get back in the saddle, though. He is an entertaining fighter, and i hope he gets another shot at the big-time.