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Bumble Bee Tuna
10-19-2002, 05:20 AM
Even though the sport has evolved greatly and is trying to tap into the mainstream annals of society; it has all sorts of rules and regulations to make it appeal more to the public and the state sanctioning bodies - I still miss the older days of MMA, when it was actually NHB and Vale Tudo.

Don't misunderstand me, I love MMA. It has turned out to be a great thing and something I enjoy greatly watching, both over boxing and WWE and the only way in which this sport can appeal to the masses is through its new form. At the same token, the true excitement and skill of tournaments and all-out fighting has been sort of bogged down. Too many rules and regulations have surfaced, shorter rounds, and it has become more slow paced and cliche. This however is the price to pay for becoming an officially recognized sport. I'm all for it, however I do miss the older days of fighting, which was faster and more exciting. It was certainly more true to the nature of fighting and pitting individuals with different sizes and different styles and those David vs Goliath tournmanets, those were truly the days...watching John Hess pound on Andy Anderson, or Kimo having his hair pulled by Royce, or Igor knocking out that big 300 lb kickboxer and then the other 300lb Polar Bear.

MMA however is a totally new thing, it is the new form and new life that NHB and Vale Tudo have turned into. I wonder if there still are any events resembling the early days of NHB...your thoughts.

10-19-2002, 04:10 PM
Hey man, it happens to every sport. I would have loved to be around in 1918 when the NHL first began and games averaged over 10 goals per game instead of 5 today. No icing, offsides, redline, goalies had to stay standing at all times and people scored 44 goals in 20 games. Or I would love to go back to the 80's when fights in the NHL were at 2 a game instead of 0.6 like today. Those days are over and the sport is probably better off today. You have to consider that we are the lucky ones who saw the beginning of a sport and how it morphed from an underground event to being one of the biggest sports in North America and the world. Years from now your grandchildren will ask what it was like to watch the sport as it was and as it is now because many many more changed will take place before than. And I feel very lucky to be one of the few that watched from "The Beginning" and will continue to watch and pass on stories about the old days of Hackney vs Son and the true meaning of NHB until the day I die.

10-19-2002, 04:59 PM
Very nicely put, Hockey.