View Full Version : Coach Chad Washburn is scared outta his mind

10-14-2002, 08:37 PM
"Coach" Chad Washburn was talking a ton of **** on another fighter. Jeff Willingham is ****in pissed. Willingham is calling out the "Coach". Coach was saying he dominated Willingham and tapped him a few times. Coach then proceeded to say he couldnt believe that Willingham would actually come up to him at the Tito Ortiz Invitational and challenge him to fight.

Folks, I watched them roll. Willingham controled majority of the time. I didnt see either guy tap each other. Willingham called him out because he wants to fight a guy who has fought in bigger shows.

Chad Washburn is a Team Punishment fighter. He is 8-8. He has fought in Kage Kombat, KOTC and Gladiator Challenge. He has good cardio and is goor from the guard.

Willingham is a 1 stripe blue belt under Ken Gabrielson. He trains at Combative Fighting Systems. Willingham has a ton of heart and an agressive style. His record is an unbelmished 2-0.

I would love to see these two fiight. It would be a hard fought battle by both. Lets make it happen.

10-14-2002, 11:46 PM
ok. so what do we do to make it happen?

you know em both better'n me lenny. get em on here and have em duke it out verbally. at the same time, we set the date. ****! is it too late for the hitman show???

....either way, you're comin off a lil anti-washburn it sounds, eh?

10-15-2002, 03:01 PM
Fly them to my house, they can fight in my field, Ill video tape it and post it here? ;)

If there's an event you have in mind that they may be able to fight on let us know, id be more than happy to shoot them an e-mail letting them know my enthusiasm about having these two fight.