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James Fulton
10-14-2002, 10:41 AM
Held in Mohegan Sun Arena on Friday Oct. 11

"The Results

MMA Non-Title Bouts

Chris Ligouri def. Themi Papadimitriou - Triangle Choke 3:44 (10-min. time limit)

Luke Cummo def. Kadir Kadri- 2:37 Rd 1 Referee stoppage due to strikes

Tom Muller def. Carlos Rodriguez- 1:30 Rd 1 Rear-naked choke

Erick Shaver def. Paxton Ryan- 5:59 Key lock (10-min.time limit)

USKBA Ring of Combat MMA Championship

Nardu Debra [pictured at right] def. Danny Suarez - 4:52 Rd 1 ref stoppage due to strikes

East Coast MMA Championship

Steve Anshelwitz (Renzo Gracie) def. Jose Rodriguez (Pitts Penn)- 6:27 ref stoppage (10 min. time limit)

Muay Thai

Shennen Maceo (Team Tiger Schulmann) def. Keith Nesbitt- :45 Rd 1 TKO Ref stoppage due to strikes

Women's Muay Thai Bout

Kat Diaz (TTS) def. Mindy Nesbitt- :50 Rd 1 TKO ref stoppage (due to strikes)

K.I.C.K. World Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship
Chris "The Cannon" Wagner def. Tony "TNT" Ventura- Majority decision (12 rounds) "

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10-16-2002, 08:31 PM
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