View Full Version : Anyone interested in starting a fight night round 2 league?...Also review of DEMO

02-11-2005, 06:15 AM
here we go:

What was on the disc:

A playable 2 round match between B-Hop and Sugar Ray Robinson, controller 3 configuration (the same as configuration 6 on XBOX Fight Night 2004), and the music was the same for both fighters. The cutman feature and new post-knockdown sequence were excluded.

Good parts:

1) When you are fresh, haymakers do not cause alot of damage, but they wear out the person throwing them. I experimented alot, and if people go online relying on the haymaker, they are screwed.

2) The gameplay is essentially the same, but there are differences I will explain next.

3) Each fighter stayed down after the 2nd knockdown, which is more realistic, and their knees buckled as they tried to stand up. Keep in mind this demo was set to auto-recoveries.

Not so good parts:

1) It is somewhat difficult to move around the ring while blocking and punching. While it is easy to throw a jab while moving, throwing a hook and uppercut is going to require some improved coordination.

2) I thought the graphics were better last year, but these aren't bad.

3) I didn't see any of the really cool rag doll physics knockdowns. The knockdowns now seem to focus more on the face.

4) Health and stamina bars are harder to see, but I turn mine off anyway. Still, some gamers might not like this.

5) Commentary is improved, but still kinda bland.

The bad parts that need to be fixed or the game will suck:

1) Remember what happened in Madden 2005 when you were about to kick a decisive game winning field goal? This game implemented something similar, and it will cost everyone a match. When the fighter is about to go down, the camera zooms way in, and freezes action for about 2 seconds. I can see EA was trying to create a "dazed" feeling, but it is cheap, bringing me to my next point:

2) After the two second freeze, the computer INSTANTLY hits you with a power shot sending you flying to the ground. Only once I survived this, and thats because the CPU didn't throw a power shot.

3) It is still easier to use button punching rather than total punch control, although TPC has clearly been tweaked for the better.

Final thoughts: I don't regret the pre-order, but I can see how online may become a very cheesy experience. I'm thinking of now switching to the Gamecube version for Little Mac as a playable character and Super Punch Out, as I have been veering away from online gaming anyway. EA needs to fix a few things, but this game looks great.

Ok anyways, Anyone interested in starting an online league for Round 2 on XBOX? This would eliminate playing against twats online who like to cheat and if you do cheat you will be booted from the league. This way we can keep the gameplay fun and legitmate.....Im willing to throw in prizes for tournaments and such as well.

02-11-2005, 07:18 AM
little mac is playable in the gamecube version???
as well as super punch out?
hmmm i think i may switch my pre order as well.
I dont have the time to play on line anymore with my chick living with me.

02-11-2005, 08:13 AM
little mac is playable in the gamecube version???
as well as super punch out?
hmmm i think i may switch my pre order as well.
I dont have the time to play on line anymore with my chick living with me.

Yes Mac is in the game, but its the character from super punch out not the original the blonde and he looks like Chucky with Down Syndrome.


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The cube version actually looks better then the others I think. You are right about the live thing, I will hardly have time as well but I figure once I get bored in the game and played it out, I can hop online and whoop some people to get my full dollars worth.

I put some money down on the xbox version but I plan on using my ps2 controller (cube would probably feel better) and then I have to pay for a subscription xbox live. It almost seems like I should get the ps2 version.

02-11-2005, 09:27 AM
Yeah i never bought xbox live so i get online games for the ps2 but if im not intending on playing it on line i get it for the xbox. but lately to make up for not having on line option gamecube games have been throwing in extras. Like mortal kombat is getting 2 more characters then the other versions plus other extras to make up for not being on line.

02-11-2005, 09:32 AM
Found this article, dont know if it holds up or not but this is what EA is doing for Next Gen consoles.



02-11-2005, 04:12 PM
Hell Ya thats amazing. Can you imagine what they can do with Fight Night on Playstation 3.
Good Post.

02-11-2005, 04:23 PM
This would be soooo awesome in NBA LIVE cause you can now see the full court simultaneously. Cool.