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05-21-2006, 01:25 PM
i was born in 1947 in Rockwaway Beach NY on 84 street before the Hammels projects were built... since ignorance is bliss ,i noticed that "some" of the "know it all's" on this site have relied on hear say BS , rather than knowing the facts ... so because of this ,"some" of you , have come to the conclusion that Tommy was "crazy" which is pure BS ...!
it was posted on this site that other fighters would not talk to him in the gym, which is more BS .. once he took me to Stillmans gym and to another small gym out on Long Island in the middle 50's and early 60's and i never saw any problem with Tommy having any conversation with the other guy's in those gym's ... folks in the neighborhood would ALWAY'S stop to have a chat with him or even acknowledge him by blowing there horns while driving by ...back in those day's, Floyd Patterson,James Brown,Count Basey,Chuck McCan,and the NBA's Bob Cousey all lived in the area ...
when Dick Tiger had his bowling alley on Linden Blvd & Dunkirk RD in St.Albans
and on certain occasions, Tommy and some other notables would gather ,i never saw anybody avoiding him for any reason ...i admit he never had a formal education as some do ,but he was never crazy..
i never saw him or heard him talking to himself in the street's .. Tommy was never committed to any institution and was never seen or known to visit a psychiatrist office for treatment...
i admit Tommy's equilibrium was a little off but he was not crazy ...
if any of you guy's ever visit the Jamaica,NY area and you see "Livery Van's" racing up and down Guy Brewer Blvd(the old NY Blvd)or Merrick Blvd trying to pick up fares to the subway , well it was all Tommy's idea ,RIP HURRICANE .....

05-21-2006, 02:51 PM
"There's never been more of a joke masquarding as fighter then Jackson. He didn't beat people, he out-annoyed them. He made coffee nervous.

What he couldn't do would fill volumes -- mostly, anything requiring coordination. He could've been the first handicapped world champion. Lou Stillman wanted him out his gym. He thought he was an embarrassment, not a fighter.

Nino Valdez finally exposed what every fighter knew." - John Garfield

05-21-2006, 02:54 PM
hurricane jackson from all the live reports i heard was crazy and did not have many friends.

i have watched jackson on film, i was not impressed. clarence henry, bob baker in there primes would have killed jackson

05-21-2006, 08:33 PM
i think you're the one with problem ,because you keep confusing boxing skill's with mental stability, i think you should get yourself checkout ...

05-21-2006, 11:05 PM
boxing skills? please. i have film of prime hurricane jackson, i didnt see boxing skills. bob baker and clarence henry in there primes would have killed him

marciano once sparred with hurricane jackson and hit him so hard to the body jackson froze bent over and threw up. jacksons lucky he never met marciano in the ring.

as for patterson, well u saw how badly patterson beat up tommy in the rematch

tommy was a guy with a good chin, great stamina, and a crazy non stop punching style, he was also ackward and had good size 6'3 80" reach but he was not skilled like u think.

bob baker was past his prime and had several hand injuries going into the jackson fight not to mention baker was robbed in the rematch

clarence henry was practically blind going into the hurricane jackson fight which is the only reason why hurricane beat him.

nino valdes.....well u saw what happened!

rex layne was overweight and far past his prime when he fought jackson

ezzard charles was shot when he fought jackson not to mention most thought charles deserved the rematch