View Full Version : How much do Winning gloves really help compared to Everlast??

05-15-2006, 10:26 PM
I do have a problem with my hands, nothing major but they could be alot better. On a scale of 1-10 after training I'd say they are about a 6 in terms of achiness.

As long as I wrap them really well should I just stick with Everlast or does Winning make more of a difference in protection?

Also, I AM IN LOVE with hearing that loud SNAP when I'm throwing my left hook? Does the padding dull that at all?

I don't want to shell out $150-175 dollars for gloves if they aren't THAT much different.
Anyone wear Winning?

05-15-2006, 10:43 PM
Floyd Mayweather wore them against Judah he seemed okay after and he has a history of hand injury, so that tells ya something.

05-15-2006, 11:18 PM
Yea i was thinkin about getting Winning gloves also but the price is way damn high some japanese company produce it i think they charge to much PBF only wears winning that should tell ya sumthin they look like a real good glove i would get em if i had da cash

random guy
05-15-2006, 11:30 PM
first off mayweather did hurt his hand after his fight. and the snap has nothing to do with the gloves it has to do wih the way you throw your punch. I would just get some ringside gloves they are the best gloves by far.

LightsOut Le
05-16-2006, 01:23 AM
ringside gloves are way too much padding....

theres a difference between the sound of the snap and the feeling...

i train both wiht reyes and everlast...the everlast gloves when you make contact the feeling is soft...with reyes you feel the punch more and you know how hard yoru hitting...

i dont think you mean the sound of the snap i think you mean the feeling...

05-16-2006, 02:48 AM
i agree ringside gloves have too much padding i thought they were going to be the best glove its no wonder no1 wears them