View Full Version : De La Hoya compared to Duran

05-05-2006, 03:56 AM
I think that the legacy of both of these guys are pretty similar. Both of them were amazing at lightweight, and had great careers in the upper weight classes, but lost some of their big fights up in those classes, always taking on all comers and putting on a good show. Also, both were hugely popular.

I was just watching De La Hoya against Genaro Hernandez, and De La Hoya was soo good at lightweight. The difference between then and now is that when he was fighting at lightweight all of the announcers were talking about he had scary power for a lightweight, and they were right. When in the upper weight classes have you ever heard anybody talking about De La Hoya having scary power compared to the rest of his weight class? He stopped 18 of his 20 lightweight opponents, fighting very good competition, I had just forgot what a good puncher De La Hoya was back then.