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02-04-2005, 06:53 AM
Just wanted to get some Maganda opinions on how good a fighter Sahaprom was in his prime? I know he is older now but I think had Veraphol fought the likes of Austin or Marquez when he was about five years younger that he would have beaten them but still could have posssible lost to Austin. Who do you think would win between Sahaprom and Gerry Penalosa?

mr. bojangles
02-06-2005, 09:11 PM
Sahaprom early in his career was more of a brawler than a technical boxer/counterpuncher that he is now. He became WBA bantamweight champ in only his 4th professional fight. Quickly losing his red belt by a brutal 2nd round KO loss to Nana Konadu after a very heated 2 rounds of bar room brawl in his 1st defense, he wasn't able to finish off Konadu in the 1st after KDing him. 16 fights later that includes a decision win over Chiquita Gonzalez-conqueror Rolando Pascua he would become the WBC champ. This began his transformation into a boxer/counterpuncher. Registering 14 successful defenses in this fighting style.

The two versions of Sahaprom won't be able to keep pace with the sleek boxer. Veeraphol will have his moments, but I reckon Austin wins by UD. It would be like the Austin-Sor Vorapin fight.

Sahaprom-Rafa Marquez
50/50. Both guys can knock each other out.

*Sahaprom the brawler would be TKO'd by the very good technical counterpuncher.
*Sahaprom the boxer would decision Penalosa, the latter has difficulties with boxers who jabs and move a lot.

02-07-2005, 06:01 AM
I kind of agree about the Austin prime for prime for matchup but still think it would be more competitive than Rattanachai Voraphins try at Austin. Kind of think that Voraphin could be a decent bantam I really liked his brother's fighting seek and destroy style. Hope that Voraphin will fight and get a chance at Penalosa for revenge but still think that Penalosa has more skills. Does anyone think that Rattanachai will stay champ for long is the WBO have any good contenders?

mr. bojangles
02-07-2005, 06:50 AM
I agree, Austin-Sahaprom would be more competitive than Austin-Vorapin ans Johnson-Vorapin.

Ratanachai will reign on as WBO champ 'til 18 y/o phenom Rey Bautista steps up the plate in 2 years time, he'll be 20 by that time and ripe (I hope). :)