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mr. bojangles
01-31-2005, 01:46 AM
Pongsaklek annihilates Komatsu in 5!
January 29, 2005

By Joe Koizumi

Hard-hitting and slick-punching Thai Pongsaklek Kratindaeng-gym Wongjongkam (55-2, 30 KOs), 112, impressively kept his WBC flyweight title as he battered game and gutsy ex-OPBF champ Noriyuki Komatsu (19-2-5, 8 KOs), 112, from all angles, opened a nasty cut on the left eyebrow in the second, dropped him in the second and twice more in the fifth en route to a well-received stoppage at 1:42 of the fifth round on Saturday night in Osaka, Japan.

The 27-year-old Pongsaklek, making his eleventh defense, showed his best in displaying his superb attack and tight defense against the Japanese willing mixer. Komatsu, 25, began fireworks toe-to-toe with the shorter champ, who responded with more accurate and more effective shots in the first round. The second saw the Thai open a laceration over the left eyebrow of the aggressive challenger and floored him with a beautiful southpaw left. Pongsaklek, unbeaten since his last defeat in 1996, landed strong combinations to the challenger's bloodied face with amazing precision in the third and fourth, though Komatsu gallantly fought back hard despite his absorption of much punishment. The southpaw champ, in the fatal fifth, floored the Japanese with a well-timed right hook and again with merciless combos. Malcolm Bulner, the Australian referee, wisely took the loser to have his worsened gash examined by the ringside physician, who finally advised the third man to terminate the lopsided affair. All the scorecards of the judges were identical, 40-35 in favor of the champ, by Oren Shellenberger (US), Alejandro Rochin (Mexico) and Jaebong Kim (Korea).

The WBC had already ordered the winner of this title bout to meet the official challenger, former WBC 108-pound champ Jorge Arce of Mexico, in his next defense underneath the Morales-pacquiao superfight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Pongsaklek might be the second Manny Pacquiao that will stun the US or Mexican aficionados. Ponsaklek is a flawless boxer with an iron chin, good defense and effective attack based on the ring science. We, in Asia, look forward to seeing the realization of Pongsaklek against Arce with the prestigious WBC title at stake. All the spectators simply admitted the strength of the formidable champion tonight. Probably no Japanese challengers will attempt to cope with this Thai in a bid for the WBC fly belt in the future, watching his impressive performance of this night.

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If Pongsaklek doesn't get nervous/jittery in his US debut, he'll knock-out Arce within 6 rounds. Arce's pressure, forward attacking style fits perfectly to PW's.

As good as Pongsaklek is, it is still a fact that he avoided the man that could possibly beat him - Diosdado 'Prince' Gabi. Gabi was the mandatory challenger in last year's highlight of the WBC convention in Phuket. But, due to some strange reasons, he opted to make a "voluntary defense" (prolly this governing body's fancy term for 'avoiding a high-risk challenger' :rolleyes: ) against a boxer he already beat thrice!

02-01-2005, 05:46 PM
I have looked at Gabi's record and do not see anyone all that great, that he defeated just the usual Asian trialhorses who have been kayoed by the other Thais with good records. He did lost to to Thai's with good records Samson and Sot Sor who has dissapeard off the map. Have you seen this Gabi in action? What type of style does he use? Potentially is he going to be better than Pongskalek, I would tend to doubt that he will not enjoy the same or near success as the champ.

mr. bojangles
02-02-2005, 01:48 AM
Pongsaklek was feeding off 'trialhorses' as well and was TKO'd by a patsy named Jerry Pahayahay before he became a champ.

Just look at these figures:
#1-The combined records of Pongsaklek's opponents before becoming a champion.

488Wins - 507Losses - 117Draws :rolleyes:

#2-The combined records of Pongsaklek's opponents 16 fights and 11 title defenses later:

290Wins - 108Losses - 41Draws

Now, let's look at these figures.

#3-The combined records of Prince Gabi's opponents:

309Wins - 183Losses - 31Draws
His 2 losses against top Thai 'prospects' in Thailand were controversial decisions BTW.

So, what are we getting from these figures?

Pongsaklek has been feeding off patsies and lost twice by (one by TKO) from a patsy before he was a champ.
Pongsaklek fought losers.
Prince Gabi fought better fighters compared to PW's opponents.

No disrespect to Pongsaklek, he's become a great champ and has carefully chosen his challengers. But, Prince Gabi and perhaps Brian Viloria will rip that green WBC belt he's wearing now.

02-02-2005, 02:23 AM
I think if you compare Komatsu, Hidenobu Honda, Malcolm Tunaco, Hussein Hussein or Trash Nakanuma to any of the fighters that Gabi has beaten you would have to admit that the current champ has faced and beaten far better competition. Besides Sairong Suwansil who has Gabi beaten that is any good in the last couple of years? Still I'm kind of biased on Thai fighters and would love to see Villoria or Gabi in a fight with the champ as they would be great fights.Is Gabi a power puncher?

mr. bojangles
02-02-2005, 06:06 AM
That's after he became a champ jont. Good fighters, patsies... everyone is after your belt.

My point being, is - Gabi isn't a champ yet and I have compared his fights to Pongsaklek's fights before he (PW) became a champ. This is in response to your post that Gabi's opponents have just been 'trialhorses'. So, it's obvious that Gabi's 'trialhorses' were far better than Pongsaklek's 'patsies' aren't they?

I assume you're familiar with Pongsaklek and has seen his fights. I am too, being an expat here in Thailand. Seen him against Tunacao, Naito, Nakanuma, Asai, Hussein, Mangubat and just last Saturday Komatsu.

Prince Gabi
Style - boxer, counterpuncher
Strengths - can anticipate his opponent's punches, evade and counters quick & accurate combos; has long arms for a flyweight and effectively uses his jab
Weaknesses - not a hard-puncher but dismantles his opponents methodically by working on the body then the head

02-02-2005, 08:53 PM
Thanks for the information. Hoping that these fighters meet down the road. Still hoping that other Filipino boxers get the chance to show their skills against other opposition besides just other Asians.

02-03-2005, 05:39 PM
Not gonna happen...Arce will fight Vic Darchinyan of Australia...handled by Fenech....It sux but Pongsaklek doesn't wanna fight outside Asia? :mad:

mr. bojangles
02-03-2005, 08:32 PM
Disappointing indeed Chups! Pongsaklek can shove his belt down his throat. :mad: Gabi and Viloria will take that championship belt back! Assuming that the Thai won't avoid them...AGAIN. :rolleyes:

02-04-2005, 07:31 AM
Oh it sucks that Wonjongkam would not take the fight this was probably my own chance to see him fight in the States I'm still hopinghe will take another high profile fight. I guess Maganda will get his wish when Villoria gets his shot still think that he will lose when the time comes. Villoria has lost his luster to me as of late. I don't think that Villoria has fought too many tough fighters.

jason power
02-06-2005, 08:11 PM
Hussy Hussien is dying for a rematch and would walk away a winner.His stable mate Vic Darchiniyan IBF champ would ko the thai within 6 rounds..Hussien is a classy boxer where as Vic has tremendous power in that weight division.He will soon be rated top 10 p4p..

02-06-2005, 08:25 PM
Not gonna happen...Arce will fight Vic Darchinyan of Australia...handled by Fenech....It sux but Pongsaklek doesn't wanna fight outside Asia? :mad:

Arce is fighting Hussien Hussein on the PAC v Morales undercard according to the press down here in Oz ;)

jason power
02-06-2005, 08:38 PM
Arce is fighting Hussien Hussein on the PAC v Morales undercard according to the press down here in Oz ;)
I think your right davico did you see hussy fight yesterday.when is Vic fighting again..