View Full Version : 1980's Article on Tony Tucker. 1984.

02-13-2006, 01:14 PM
I am slowly closing in finding the correct mag and issue that featured an excelent article on Tony Tucker. It might have been in Boxing Beat or Boxing Today. At the time Tucker was 26 wins iwth 0 losses and a heavyweight with a future. In the article it disscusses his success in the ring and how his Dad Bob tucker is giuiding his career. Also, there are numerous good pictures and he is posing in some shots. The article is around 3 pages or so. Great 1980's boxing article and woud like to find. Anyone have the issue or remember reading it, it would have come in the fall of 1984 in Boxing beat, or boxing today perhaps. Please post any information. thanks......

02-14-2006, 03:36 PM
Looker for TNT Tony article, I don't know whether it was BOXING SCENE or BOXING TODAY; the name of the publication(s) in question was, more or less, changed arbitrarily by its/their editor, the late Johnny Ort. Actually, I (Lindy Lindell) wrote two pieces on Tucker appearing in SCENE or TODAY or both. If you would be interested in receiving copies of these articles, call me at (586) 777-8384, 10 pm to midnight best time. Cheers, Lindy Lindell