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Harlem Daily Dispatch, Tuesday July 30th 1985

(picture: pose with watermelon)

Punching power: by Mark Dein

THERE is nothing Chris Eubanks would not give for a square meal right now.

And can you blame him? After all, Harlem's amateur boxing prospect has been staying in Brooklyn and eating watermelon seeds as part of a rigorous diet designed to ensure he tips the scales bang on the 147-pound welter-weight limit for next weekend's defence of the Empire State Games title in Syracuse, the title he has won for the past two years.

Walking around Morris High School at 165 pounds just three weeks ago, the 18-year-old English-born whizzkid has lived a monk-like existence since then, shunning phonecalls to his trainers house from family and friends, adhering rigidly to a strict training regime and, above all, watching what he eats.

"It's been murder," confesses Eubanks. "My new trainer Pat Ford gave me this big bag of watermelon seeds and told me to eat them instead of foodstuffs that would add weight.

"You name it, I've eaten it - watermelon seeds, bird seed, all sorts of crazy stuff. Every now and then, I'm allowed a yoghurt as a treat."

Chris' abstinence is in a good cause. Last year he won nine out of nine bouts, in the past two years he has 13 victories and no losses, picking up two gold medals and a golden glove pendant along the way as well as plenty of praise. But at this years Empire State Games tournament, the man who has won the 139-pound weight class title for the past two years is now moving up to Chris' weight class and the organisers hope they will meet in the final. That man is Larry Barnes, yet to be defeated as an amateur boxer.

Of course, weight is an issue and this will probably be the Briton's last venture at welter-weight. But making the 147-pound limit one last time has tested his mettle.

He revealed: "I've not been able to see any friends or family. I've shut myself away and concentrated on nothing but getting ready for the tournament. Last year it was really hard cutting from 156 pounds, but this year I'm cutting from 165!

"I've done extra work and my new trainer has even borrowed a stationary bike from a friend so I can get the weight off without going out. All I've seen for the past few weeks is the inside of my trainers house and the gymnasium.

"He's made me wear sweatsuits and that's really helped. It's not been a bundle of laughs, but it will be worth it if I beat Barnes and maybe get a sponsorship deal. My goal over the next two years is to complete my education and put myself into a position to go to the next Olympic Games, but whether I'd represent USA or Great Britain I don't know. I'd love to be sponsored though, I'm going to try and turn heads next weekend."

Patrick Ford, the man behind the talent, is a firm believer that a taller-than-average fighter should fight below their natural weight so that they have a major advantage in height and reach. But he also realises that losing too much weight too soon will leave the fighter drained.

"We've not cut any corners or rushed things with the weight; it's all been done in a controlled manner," says Eubanks.

"I've been sparring this week and it's definitely not affected my sharpness. It's not as though I've left my strength in the steamroom.

"My training has gone well and I'm ready to put on a real show for the onlookers.

"I'm going to take him (Barnes) out in real style."

Eubanks must first negotiate the scales and he insists he remains on course to make the weight. But once he has done with the weigh-in, roughly two hours before he steps into the ring, he will be heading straight for the nearest cafe.

"Ideally I'd like fish and chips, that's what they have in Britain. It's basically battered fish and french fries that you take away with you wrapped in newspaper.

"But I'll eat anything, so long as it's not more watermelon seeds!"

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Check out the article below, it's from the first-ever edition of Boxing Monthly -

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Harlem Daily Dispatch, Tuesday July 30th 1985

That's all I gotta say.

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I hope you know life continued after 1997 this belongs in boxing history

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I set the record on Eubank. He was scared to fight the American opposition. Just leave it, my man.

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Patrick Ford: http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?disc=128860;article=3558;title=CARI B-SPORT%20discussion%20Forum

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Argus articles..

click here: http://archive.theargus.co.uk/1998/2/24/200552.html

and click here: http://archive.theargus.co.uk/2000/1/26/195427.html

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Interesting that he was named Harlem: http://archive.theargus.co.uk/2004/7/21/111411.html

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