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01-30-2006, 01:49 AM
(Tibbs trained Benn from Galvano 92 through to Giminez 94, Benn showed some impressive boxing skills under Tibbs)

Some excerpts from Benn's book:

Back at my beach-front apartment in Torviscas, there was a gym and boxing ring where Jimmy trained me. He was particularly good with the pads and took a hell of a slamming from me every day, brainwashing me with his technique while I hammered away at him.


Jimmy Tibbs set up a training schedule - this is it straight from the horse's mouth: 'We're going to start with loosening up and stretching exercises, then do three or four rounds shadow boxing with weights on the hands and one round with them off, then four or five more with pads. After that, we'll do some more shadow boxing, skipping and ground work and have a good loosening up. Weight training will take place every other day and then, for two weeks before the fight, we'll have a sparring partner for nine to ten rounds per day. We may take it down to six some days. The art of the game is to peak on the night. I don't worry about an off-day here or there. Just relax and come back again. Nigel's a mature professional now who can go the distance. He's a very solid puncher and is physically strong. But it doesn't matter how strong you are, everyone gets tired, even if you've been training for months. A good fighter has that. He's matured and grown up and knows how to pace himself and when to let go. He's a mature professional now. His main strength is his punch but he's also got smarter. Rather than bang, bang, bang, he ducks and dives and makes a man miss.'


Canary Islands also offered a more temperate climate in winter and the opportunity for high-altitude running on Mount Teide. There is nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than running at an altitude of about 8,000 feet among snow-capped peaks in bright sunshine, well above the clouds. I can retreat into a world of my own, my own galaxy. Just me and my music and, later, the satisfaction that comes from physically punishing yourself. You can clear your mind of all anxieties and problems in that surrealistic 'moonscape' where they shot Planet of the Apes, and be at peace with the world. That's where I get my 'high'. When I was training for the Wharton fight, Sean, my cook, used to accompany me, driving behind me as I ran past each milepost. I'd run six to eight miles and then increase it to ten and even more. That's equivalent to running up to 15 miles at sea level.

01-30-2006, 04:01 PM
I'd say Benn was at his best, definately, under Tibbs.