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01-29-2006, 06:17 AM
got one last week and did have my doubts with all the reports flying about in regards to over heating scratching the discs etc.
bear in mind im not a teenager tho im 28 so if for example it goes tits up then its not really the end of the world for me :D as it seems to be for some

anyways i really like it ive had game systems since the sega master system:eek: , and have cod2 condmned and doa4 for it and really think its great, it is pretty much what i expected obviously lovely looking games quite user friendly etc a nice machine overall and imo worth the money, however bear in mind i can appreciate it takes some of you younger lot alot of time and energy to save up for these things and so on. i dont class myself as a serious gamer tho i like to pick up and play etc buy the odd mag to see whats coming out maybe two or three times a year and usually dont have more than a couple or three games in my collection, ive little interest in online play too

my first machine actually was a dead unit and i was very pissed off simply because i had it brought it home then it sat in my dining room for an hour before i had chance to set it up cos i had other things to do, then when i got an hour to myself i thought well tlets have a look then the ****a didnt work and it was a bit of a pain to take it back to the shop, then the dishcloth in the shop must of been on go slow itn replacing it, thats what was giving me a headache not the fact it had failed to go.

The second unit i got worked fine, i played a game for a couple of hours then my kids watched a couple of dvds on it and no probs with over heating at all, it is in a well ventilated place tho.
im off work now for two weeeks so should get a good few sessions on it so will update if it does freeze or anything else goes wrong with.
When the ps3 comes out if it happens to be superior then ill buy that too or flog this 360, i have never understood why some of you youngsters are 'sonys wank or nintendo sucks etc' it really does baffle me unless youve purchased sony machines before and theyve all ****ed up then that i understand but some of you seem to 'go with a crowd' with it.

if anyones thinking about getting one and money isnt a major issue then id say do it they are a good crack