View Full Version : What a sick card!!!

03-02-2012, 11:26 PM
Of course i missed it due to work but i heard the dj/creepy fight was sick but im hearing stuff like robbery and cmon guys closes fight arent robberies. My boy joe b took it to yasuhiro tho. I love stoppage wins i understand u cant finish em all but look at kampmann submitting alves, i read it was a close fight then bam kampmann wit tha sick finish alrhough i hope they dont rob tj waldburger from the sub of the night bonus!

03-02-2012, 11:32 PM
Yeah, bro... Fight card was good.

I had Uncle Creepy winning it 29-27.

1st: 10-9 McCall
2nd: 9-10 Johnson
3rd: 10-8 McCall

The worst you could have was 28-28.

03-03-2012, 12:52 AM
So i cant watch the fights, surf the net through my phone, but after reading the fight metric, dj only had two more strikes landed then ian, in a round where people said ian could barely touch him, but had no takedowns compared to ians two takedowns.

Everyone seems to again dj took round 2 and ian took round three so I would have it 29-28 ian.

Now heres where its gets a lil crazy. First it was supposedly a split def for mm, but then it was supposed to be a majority decision cuz one judge had it a draw and two had it for dj, now im reading that it was actually supposed to be a straight up draw but since they noticed the error after the fight it couldnt go to sudden death so now ian and mighty mouse are gonna do it again!!

Crazy man crazy. Shouts to joe b and kampman is my boy but they robbed waldenburger of 50 stacks!!

Idk wat to do with thiago alves. The way he was overhyped during the gsp build up made me me not be a fan because aside from a win from koscheck i wasnt that impressed with his comp. Now i find myself defending him cuz people are underrating him a bit now. Hes 2-4 in his last couple of fights but hes faced tough guys and 170 is a shark tank, he will be back