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02-28-2012, 04:01 AM
Posted on February 27, 2012.
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Fedor Emelianenko , Vadim Finkelstein, Vladimir Voronov and Alexander Emelianenko on the development of sport in Russia.

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Fedor Emelianenko : "It is good and right that the leading people of our country's youth by his example showed its attitude to the sport, promote healthy lifestyles. Mr Medvedev and Vladimir Putin helping the development of sports, financial support teams and children's sports. "

Vadim Finkelstein, President of M-1 Global.: «Who is developing an active campaign. We, as a sports organization, do not do politics, but it is worth noting that thanks to Vladimir Vladimirovich, sport started to develop in our country. It is thanks to our Prime Minister, our country will be the Olympics, FIFA World Cup. With his support we had the biggest tournament in mixed martial arts in Europe, and gathered 22 000 spectators. Besides, no country, no president or prime minister did not attend tournaments in MMA. Thanks to Vladimir Vladimirovich our sport is evolving and will evolve. "

Vladimir Voronov, coach Fedor Emelianenko: "Vladimir Vladimirovich - a real man, not his words with deeds. He's strong words, and the rest - clowns. He is responsible for his words, it is so and should be the president of Russia! "

Aleksander Emelianenko : "I am as an athlete, always feel a great responsibility, when speaking of Russia. More responsibility I feel in the room when there are important people in our country. Vladimir Putin with his presence at the tournament on mixing martial arts helps to develop a sport and its promotion. Largely due to his support and personal attention that the sport develops tremendous pace, running MMA organization, tournaments, athletes are able to enter the professional ring in decent conditions. "

Christine Vaganova, manager to work with state agencies (M-1 Global): «Putin belongs to the cohort of athletes, knows first hand the problems of development of sports. At the same time, Putin is aware of the importance of sport in Russia.

Sports - the only credible alternative for the younger generation. Improving our society's Vladimir connects with the idea of ​​involving young people in sporting life, and this is very true!

The development of character, patriotism, fortitude, life goals, young people are not slogans, but the specific activity of Vladimir. Let's take a look around: equipped for sports stadiums and school yards, the support of high performance sport in Russia, holding major international events such as the World Martial Arts Games, etc. Sports - this is the future, a pledge of a healthy society. Putin purposefully sets the vector of further development of Russia. "