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rob snell
02-18-2012, 09:42 AM
The Gardner brothers

I am trying to assist Mark O’Toole in the project detailed below, and would be obliged if you would assist in this please.

Rob Snell

My primary aims at the moment aside from general information would be:

1. As many contemporary reports of the brothers (George, Billy and Jimmy) as possible. I can't emphasize how important contemporary reports of them would be as I'm finding it hard to source some online or in the Irish libraries as their archives are restricted to Irish newspapers of the early 20th century and not American ones.

2. Any information or reports regarding George's manager Tom O'Rourke.

3. Details regarding later life - especially Jimmy and Billy who have appeared to disappear off the radar completely. Given Jimmy was recognized by some as a former Welterweight world champion I find this quite interesting.

4. Anything regarding the brother-in-law relationship between Billy Gardner and Joe Thomas is also an interesting tangent in the story.

Basically I would see this project as being an examination of the Irish-American emigration experience through the personal story of the Gardner brothers in a very colorful, pioneering period for boxing. Thusly I would require as much minutiae of their personal lives as possible.

I would also hopefully be able to raise awareness in Ireland of the extraordinary achievements of George and Jimmy in Ireland. I'm guessing due to post-Gaelic Revival historiography of Irish sport, the Gardner brothers and Irish Olympians who competed for Britain has been somewhat loss in favour of stories of Irish sport that enhance a positive national identity for Eire.

Mark O'Toole

Name: Jimmy Gardner
Born: 1885-12-25
Nationality: Irish
Hometown: Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Height: 5′ 7˝″ / 171cm
Boxing Record: click