View Full Version : Anyone ever been to amateur MMA fights?

02-16-2012, 01:54 AM
A friend of mine is having an amateur fight this Saturday and I'm finally going to watch him fight. I don't know much about MMA, but I have seen enough of it to figure out some rules and how everything works. I'm just wondering how much the amateur fights differ from the professional. Things like how the scoring is, how many rounds and time length, do they allow the same moves, and stuff that might be a lot different then the pro ranks.

What I wonder the most is did you see any good fighters. Do any of you guys know who Dan Hornbuckle is? He's a pro welterweight and he fought on MTV2 on Bellator late last year and he was shown on another channel when he ktfo out of Akihiro Gono with a kick to the face. Anyways he's my friends trainer and says there's some pretty good amateurs in Honrbuckle's gym, but in other places he trains it's he mostly people who just think they are the **** and really suck. Apparently all the amateur fights that have been in my area have only had fighters like that. This fight is Indiana though so maybe there is better fighters in that area.

Either way I'm pretty excited to see my friend and for the event overall.

02-16-2012, 02:12 AM
I guess the two main fights are for a title. I don't know what kind of title or how they work, but hopefully that means the fighters are pretty good.

02-16-2012, 11:34 AM
The Amateurs don't differ too much than the pros, (i'm going to assume by the pros you mean UFC & Co.)

They should probably follow the roughly the same set of rules. They may only fight 3 x 3min rounds for non title fights, they may fight 3 x 5min rounds for non title and 5 x 5 for title.

Unified rules are beginning to show up, if I could remember the acronym I'd give it to you, but its probably easier just google Unified Rules for MMA, and see which ones UFC are using. I'm too lazy this morning to spell check, let alone google.

A few differences, in the UFC each corner is provided an unbias cutman, you aren't allowed to apply the vasoline to your fighter. This came about from claims of "greasing".
In the Amatuers usually they'll let the corner handle the vasoline/cutman duties.

Scoring anymore is usually a 10point system, although I imagine a few still use win/lose the round system.

There probably won't be alot of going the distance, this "amatuer" cards are usually more brutal than the pros, and most places aren't too careful about the match making.

It really depends on the promotion, and how closely your state watches these sorts of events.